Testing in the morning -keep everything crossed for me girls

Morning Girlies and Happy New Year to those I haven't wished it too already!

Well I am now 14dpo (2days late officially) and no AF!. DH ( bless him) has refused to let me test so far (he's a good man, looking after my best interests following a few bfns in the past!) but we have agreed that if Af hadn't shown this morning then we will buy a test to use tmw morning!

I'm trying not to get too excited as have NO symptons to boot but i've never been late before without it being attributed to something (Chem Pregnancy or late OV).

We BD'd on all the right dates and from about 8/9dpo have had AF cramps most evenings with it getting stronger towards the last few days (leaving me thinking AF was going to be there when I woke up)
No symptons, no nausea, no weeing more, had some back ache the other night which again I put down to AF arriving...................so really i'm just sat here wishing the day away so I can test to find out one way or the other.

So keep everything crossed for me girlies

Much love x x x x


  • Oooooh I have everything crossed. I couldn't wait - you're very disciplined. Post as soon as you've done it.
    Good luck!!!
  • That would be down to a few months of BFNs making me realise testing early really is too painful image
    Thanks for the luck and crossed fingers though image))))

  • Good Luck Really Hoping its a BFP for you x


  • Good luck, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you, we need more people in the due in sep forum!! x
  • good luck hun, keeping everything crossed for you.xxx
  • thanks girls! My EDD would be 12th September so warm me a spot up please poppy (just in case!)

  • yea good luck hun xxx
  • Everythings crossed for you-good luck!
  • Good luck testing tomorrow. Not everyone gets pg symptoms straight away, they usually tend to really kick in at week 6 of being pg.
    My af is due tomorrow. I have no symptoms either, I hope she doesn't come but I think she prob will!
    Anyway good luck and let us know how you get on!
    Babydust to you! ********************
  • good luck to you too meem!!!

  • Well of course I will be thinking about you all day and keeping everything crossed honey!!!! SO excited...I await my email/text with great anticipation and expect to see a post on here first thing too!!!!! Hope your lovely husband can keep you distracted today so it goes really quickly : ) .x.
  • thanks IBFF!!

  • I have a spot reserved and it's all ready for you!!
  • did u have any symptons poppy?

  • Fingers crossed, looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow about your BFP!! X
  • Thanks DDS!!! i really hope it is!
  • Not really no. Looking back i had a day when i was very light headed but i put it down to my house being very warm.
    I had sore boobs from monday to thurs/fri but they went (i think i was due the sat, 26th) and my boobs get sore but then go just before af anyway.
    The biggest thing that made me think was that i usually get af cramps at least a week before af us due, along with heartburn, but i had no cramps until xmas day night when i got really bad af pain. But it didn't last long, then i got it again the next day. But still no heartburn.
    I thought i was going back to a long cycle and that was why my af cramps had started later than i thought they would.
    But then i was very confused at my ov dates as i had convinced myself i had ovd on the 12th as i'd had ewcm a few days before and then ovary pains on the 12th. So i was totally confused. I posted on here if you read back through them. When i got my bfp i was in total shock. I just cried and my oh said i knew you were!
    I still have no symptoms. Nothing. Apart from a lot of cm!
  • Good luck huni, i really hope you get your bfp!
    Ive had 5 children and i never got any pregnancy symptoms until week 6 so dont worry! xxxxx
  • Poppy - seriously comforting reading your post. I have had AF cramps for a good 3-5days before AF was due. My boobs have just started to ache all over in a cold/tingly way.

    Since my chempreg in Oct i've shyed away from posting anything on BE to do with me personally, especially in the 2ww but something just feels different this month. If it is a BFN then I defo feel more equipped to deal with it then previous months....but i'm praying it's not. I'm glad i've waiting until after Af was due to test as if I am pregnant, hopefully the line will be a bit stronger and easier to see.

    Thanks debbiemc.......love the fact so many girls haven't had symptons....does make me feel better

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