TTC on antibiotics?

Hi ladies,

Well I'm feeling VERY sorry for myself today. Have woken up with what feels like a locked jaw. Didn't sleep a wink last night and the pain is horrendous - never experienced anything like it before. Can't open my mouth very much and my mouth isn't aligned when it's closed, looks like everything has been pushed to the left!

The doctor and dentist has diagnosed 'acute temporo mandibular joint dysfunction syndrome'

Dentist has also prescribed Erythromycin antibiotics just in case there is any infection that he can't see as he couldn't have a good look in there! He's also said to take paracetamol 4 times a day to help ease the pain.

After that ramble, my question is, is this medication likely to affect my cycle? I am on CD9 today and usually OV around CD16-18. Am I likely to OV a bit later this cycle may be?

Thanks for reading ladies



  • Hey Donnat2004,

    I'm pretty sure it wont affect your cycle.. You poor thing i get the same thing with my ear infections, i dont eat for days.

    Look after yourself xx
  • As far as i know erythromycin won't affect you ttc and won't harm your baby if you're pg, hope you feel better asap xxx
  • Thanks ladies for your response. I feel terrible, the pain is awful and wouldn't wish it on anyone.
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