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Where is everybody?

This site has been really quiet this afternoon?? Come on girls come out to play?



  • Woo hoo I was wondering where everybody had gone, that or I am the saddo thats on here all day hee hee

    I will be CD29 tomorrow and about 15DPO i think do you think it would be ok to do a test tomorrow morning?

  • Yeah you should be fine. Any niggles?
  • No really had a little dull ache in my right O I think I ov from my left so thats a bit werid. have felt sooo bloated all day though and this is the first day i have felt like that. Though CM is drying up a bit now so maybe this is AF getting ready and once I do the test and know then it will give my body a chance to relax and come on?

    It's my veins in my boobs and the colour change of my nipples that have got me thinking just don;t want to get my hopes up you know.

  • After spending most of the morning online - buying Dollars, travel insurance, steak knives, xbox games, rucksacks and shoes - I thought it high time I did some work!!!

    Then my niece and nephew arrived at work with Grandma (my Mummy!) to see me so I spent half hour with them.

    Katie was asleep when I first went out - she shouted out loud in her sleep "I want an ice cream" - it was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum and I were in stitches!!! Then she woke up and needed a wee so I took her into my office. Then baby Adam threw up all over Mum. It had an orange tinge to it - think he had Mango or Melon for lunch!!!

    I would be back tonight but we're off to my sister's for a take-away!

    Been so nice chatting all morning girlies! Have FAB weekends!!!

  • Fingers crossed for you anyway hun. You never know it could be a sign of a bfp. Let us know when you do your test
  • i will do, no doubt I will be on here tomorrow depressed lol

  • Just wanted to say a quick 'goodbye!'. I'm off work now til 10/06/08 so won't be getting logged on!

    Wish all of you the very best for your BFPs over the next week or so and look forward to hearing all about it when I'm back!!

    Take care ladies.


  • Have a wicked time honey image

    K xxxx
  • Dont lose your pma at this point!!!!!
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