Ok, I came off the pill 6 weeks ago and its been an agonising wait for af, in fact took 3 tests! anyway, af arrived today and i was so happy I actually cheered outloud in the loo LOL!!!! :lol:

So now I can work out my cycle as it should be, the downside - I'm working away from my OH for most of june - typical!! lol

But on a positive note, I can truely work out my cycle without symptom spotting during the 2WW!

HURRAH!!!!! image :lol: image

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  • yay for you!!!! glad she has arrived so that you know where you stand. i hope you get your BFP soon xxx
  • Very pleased for you, hope she enjoys it so much with you that she decides not to visit me!!!!!!!!!!xxx
  • I was the same when my AF arrived after my withdrawal!! I finally knew my body was functioning!! Hope it carries on that way for you!!


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