OUCH...pains are harsh!

Hi ladies,

I was woken up by sharp stabbing pains in
my lower back and stomach (both on the right side) at 5am this morning!!

Still there on and off... and I'm feeling really queasy too...WTF is that all about?

I think I'm 8dpo.

Help... It hurts lol



  • could well be a a preg sign hun!!! id do a test in a few days if i were you!! when are u due af? x
  • Thank u so much for replying, was starting to think I was unpopular lol

    AF not due or another 9/10 days... Trying not to get excited but I feel really weird lol

  • How exciting!! I hope you get a BFP. Good luck and keep us up-dated!! x
  • Fingers crossed for you hunni!!!! Im due af on friday and have tested yest and today and had very very very faint lines defo a line there but im not getting my hopes up straight away, god this week is going soooo sllloooowww!!!! hahaha!!! xxx
  • Thanks Kelly - trying to stay calm - I think it would be a miracle if I got caught this soon!

    Nic - WOOHOO ... sorry, I'm excited for you ;0) Let me know how you get on!

    Babydust to us all!
  • it could be implantation??????

    Sending u good luck xxx
  • Good luck, sounds promising if those are the kind of symptoms of implantation. You won't mind the pain if that is the case xx



  • Thanks girlies ... it's settled down now thank goodness, just a stitch sort of ache coming and going!

    Good luck to us all!
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