progresterone level for 21 day bloods?

Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone knows what the correct leval off progresterone should be in the blood if you have ovulated? i took my first round of clomid this month and had bloods taken on monday (cd 21) hoping for the results tomorrow i have no idea if i have ovulated this month just getting inpatient now!! i have at the mo (sorry tmi) a lot of wet / white creamy type cm is this a sign of ov? :\? xx


  • Hi mrs_k

    Im not sure about the progesterone numbers but i do know that white creamy cm is what you get a few days leading to ovulation.. Just before O, a woman's mucus becomes creamy, than slippery, than stretchy and clear - like raw egg-white. (well, thats my 2c worth of help.)

    Hope you catch that egg this month...
  • Hi mrs_k, the levels are meant to be 30 (sorry not sure what it's measured in)!

    Hope you get a good result. x
  • thanks both for your replys had reading of 3.1 didnt ov :\( as you said it should be over 30!!!! really gutted for some stupid reason i thought i would!!

    Ive never had a normal cycle in my life and it drives me crazy!! my doctor has increased the dose of clomid today so onto round 2 as soon as af arrives thanks again both for your advice and good luck hope we all get our bfp soon xxx
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