af still not here?

well its cd30 for me and still no show, did fr test and no line, i just want af to hurry up so i can start a new month, think is i feel so sick and have cramps low for about a week now, but last week on thursday and friday i got faint lines and then on the sunday nothing, i was hoping that line would show so much this morning, i think i may have had a chem pg, ist this what happens, and i still have this pain really low on the left side above my bits, sorry ladys to rant,


  • Hey Pink H,

    Have you tried any other brands of HPT or just FR?
    Asda ones are quite sensitive at 15miu. It all sounds very good, maybe you just dont have enough of the hormone to show up on a FR. I know they say they detect it up to 6 days early but im not really convinced they are all that sensitive.
  • hi sorry to g/c but what does 15miu mean? Thanks
  • mIU means "million International Units". It is a standard unit of measure often seen in medical/pharmacological applications. Generally, seeing this in relation to pregnancy tests, it's often something about how much hormone is in a urine or blood sample. Nowadays a urine test can detect hcg when it has reached a level of between 25-50 "parts per million (international units)". Some are even more sensitive at 10/15miu.

    If you think about it like tiny microscopic little drops, then you could think of it as: if the sample taken (or absorbed) equals a million microscopic drops---then some of those drops are hcg and the rest is just regular urine waste.

    So if one says it can detect at 15 and the other says it can detect at 50, then the one that says 15 is much more sensitive and can detect hcg sooner. Hope that makes sense. It's just all about concentration levels of hormones. image

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