2nd longer than the 1st

i have been pregnant before,and it was 3 years ago,it was an accident as condom split .unfortunatly that pregnancy did not continue.
me and my husband have decided to ttc and some people have said the 2nd takes longer to concieve,although the pregnancy before ended at 6 wks.
i have been having sex every other day and twice in row the other day when cm changed and was ovulating. although this is my first month of ttc,i wonder...... fingers crossed


  • Hope you have good news - when are you due to test?


  • not tll 19th,so could still be ovulating.
  • I don't think it nessecerily effects it being second or third time round. Our 1st was a unplanned much wanted surprise, but now we're ttc our 2nd we're in month 8 and still no BFP. I did get lucky in december my 1st official month ttc thou hadn't been being careful the previous month sadly that ended in mc too, so not we're back waiting. Keep doing wat ur doing it will happen.
  • yeah ,we are doing all the right things....so on i plod! hopefully not for o much longer
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