is it true ???

hi alot of people have been telling me that u fall pregnant easier wen u have already had a baby is this true ????


  • Sorry, didnt want to r & r but I dont think it is easier to get pregnant when you have already had a baby. With me, it took me 1 month with my 1st, 3 months with 2nd and 7 months and still trying with 3rd.
  • Haven't had a baby yet, but if you look at the posts on this site, it doesn't appear to be. xx
  • hi. i dont think it makes much difference when ttc but i think what people mean is that you are most fertile in the weeks after giving birth. i know when i had lo i was warned to start contraception if i didnt want another straight away. my mum fell in the first month with me but it took her a year to fall with my sister. just hope that doesnt happen to me as i fell in the first month my lo.xx
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