what would you do?

hi, ive beem ttc for only 3 months with no sucess, due to ovulate soon, infact around now, but due to no baby being around we decided to book a holiday for 4 weeks time, so we have discussed it and said not to try this month incase i got pregnant. reason being, its our first baby and i think i would be scared travelling away from home in early stages, what do you girls think? xxx


  • you shouldn't have any worries about travelling, at 4 weeks your egg should be perfectly safe. I'm pretty sure.
  • I think I'd still go for it unless its a very active holiday. If not the rest would probably be good for you if newly pg. I look at things from the point of view that if we were scared about every eventuality we'd never leave our homes. Please appreciate that this is only my opinion. Good luck.xx
  • hjanea you are right, we have discussed it, think maybe im just being a bit ott. i need to get that husband of mine home NOW!!!!!!! xx
  • Hi
    There is a risk in the first 3 months of pregnancy from flight radiation. But most of the airlines allow pregnant women to fly up to around 35-36 weeks.

    Personally I wouldn't risk it, but that is only my choice. I'm sure a lot of women have flown and not known they were pregnant, and everything's been fine.

    If you have plenty of time to ttc, enjoy your holiday. It might be the last one you have alone together for a while. If you want to ttc this month, it's your choice. If you have a cycle that is 28 ish days, you could be ov when on hol, and you conceive easier when relaxed!



  • hi, if my cycle is a 28 day month, will be ov around the time when we get there, so it could be fun, firstly had decided not to try before we went, then thought maybe, now i think maybe not. it also scares me a bit incase i mc and in a foreign country xx
  • I go on my hols in a week and a bit and we have been trying, so i will find out a couple of days b4 i go away.if u was pregnant while u was away least u no u will b relaxed which is gud for the baby.x
  • I'm in the exact same dilemna!
    We are going to Florida in 6.5 weeks and if I get pregnant this month, I'll be about 7 weeks when we are there and if I miss it this month - I will be due to test on holiday!
    I have been considering this for months now and realised lately I'm not sure I want to be in the early stages on my holiday - sickness and exhaustion etc.
    We're going to still try but not in a big way - we'll just see what happens!!!
  • still not sure what to do, we will probably wait until next time, would be great to be pregnant but there are too many worries i think xx
  • I think you should all jus carry on ttc as this could be you month and if youve already been trying for a while i wouldnt want to wait any longer. You will already been more relaxed as you know that your going away so this may help you get your bfps, also you will be in early pregnancy so you may not get any sickness. Try not to worry so much about mc theres no reason why it should happen to you ladies. Relax and just let nature do its job. I hope you ladies have fantastic holidays both with bfps. xx
  • I think you should go for it. Maybe if you're feeling relaxed, having fun and not really thinking about trying to conceive too much, this could be your lucky month! X x
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