calling all cbfm users!

well i am rather confused this month, before my mc i had been using the cbfm for 3 months, i always got my peak on day 17 and got high for around 5 days before this. last month i used my monitor for the first time after my mc and i got my peak on day 14, so this was earlier for me.

i am now cd 8 and my machiene hasnt asked me to test yet, it has never been this late in asking me, when i was getting my peak on day 17 i had to begin on day 6 or 7. now i ovulate earlier it is not asking me? anyone else had this happen? could my machiene be broken?



  • Yeah mine did it last month but I realised that instead of resetting it to start over again i'd just told it af had come and to start a new cycle. But then I thought I would still have needed to test? It didn't ask me all the way through last cycle which I was really annoyed about because mine was my first cycle post mc and I had no idea when to expect ov.

    Not sure why it happened though, sorry.
  • Just thought i'd also add... I reset it again this month and it seems to be working fine.

  • but i thought when you press the 'm' button to tell it your period has began it just automatically resets for new cycle, does that mean iv had it for the month and will not be able to test?? i hope not although i cuppose it will make the two week wait easier as i wont know when it will begin!!
  • I think so hun. Mine didn't ask me all the way through so I had to hazard a guess at ov symptoms.

    The m button does set it for a new cycle but I wanted to reset the monitor to scrap all previous memory as I brought it from someone else. I only pressed the m button and it didn't ask to test, not sure why because it should have.

  • Hi sorry g/c as I saw on front page.
    As far as I am aware it learns ur cycle, so for the 1st few months it askes for maximum tests i.e for day 6 to day 24 so it gets an idea. After a few months it has learnt your cycle so if u peak on day 14 it probably won't ask u to test until day 11 or 12 & will only ask u to test for 6-7 days.

    I used CBFM for 7 months & after 3 months had a similar experiance. Hope this helps, & hope u get a BFP soon image

  • thankyou to you both for your replies, i have been using the monitor for a while now, i think this will be my 5th cycle with it so hopefully you are right and it will begin asking me to test soon, if it hasnt asked me by cd12 then i will phone the helpline and complain, wouldnt mind so much but there not the cheapest of things!!! i will just bed as much as poss to make sure i catch the right time!!!!
    thanks again ladies
    lady- glad you managed to get your monitor working this month, good luck for your bfp xxx
  • Thanks hun, good luck to you too!
  • I'm not much use at answering monitor questions as for the past 2 months mine has given me highs from CD6 to when I press the m button... they're sending me some free sticks and I'm to send them the monitor if the same thing happens again this month. I think it might be that it has gotten used to your cycle, or it might be on the blink... Call the careline hun they're very helpful xx
  • Hi, I have a cbfm qu......
    when do you start to count 2ww? Is it the first day after your first peak?
  • i count it as the day i get my high after my peak, works for me hun xxx
  • Thanks! do you onyl get one peak. I have been getting 2 peaks!
  • i get two peaks, but i was told once that you ovulate 24 to 36 hours after you get your peak, so to me that would say it was your 2nd peak if you see what i mean. so just to be sure because i would rather test a day late then too early i count 1dpo as the day i get my high.
    hope that makes sense!!!
  • Hi Ladies, because I peaked about CD17/18, I don't get asked to start poas until CD9 now. I once peaked on CD15 without any highs before it but my CBFM knew that this was a one off so still still asked my start to poas on CD9. I think that this is what it has done with you, Sally.

    Also, I think the CBFM automatically assumes you have a second peak [if it has detected the first peak] then a high afterwards. The reason I say this is that when I do start poas on CD9 and have my first peak on CD18, it stops asking me to poas and just assumes I have another peak on CD19 and a high on CD20 [it saves me starting another ten sticks].

    I count my ov date as the second peak but its arguable, it could, just as well, be the high after the peaks.

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  • hey ladies, thanku for all your reply and bubblicious, you were right, so i usually peak on cd17/18 but last month was early and this morning (cd9) it asked for my 1st test image. it came up as low so maybe i will be ovulating on day 17/18 again which hopefully means my body has settled down again after my mc.
    ****babydust to you all***
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