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Hi everyone,
To cut a (very) long story short...

I came off the pill in February last year and had my withdrawal bleed and then I had one AF in June. Other than that I've had nothing!

After endless HPTs, appointments with GPs and blood tests I was referred to an infertility/gynaecology doctor at the hospital. I went to see her just before xmas and she examined me etc and gave me Norisethene (/ not sure how to spell it but it's the tablet they usually give you to delay a period in the hope it would jumpstart mine). Anyway, I was also referred for a hycosy ( a scan of the ovaries and fallopian tubes etc as they are wondering whether I might have blocked tubes).

My af from the tablets came this week and although I know it's medically induced I feel so much better for it. However, the hospital rang to tell me the scan is next week and have asked me to use protection or not have sex in the two weeks before it and also because of where the scan falls in my 'cycle' I'm not meant to conceive in this cycle because by the sounds of it the scan can increase the chance of miscariage.

So basically, after so long without a period I really wanted to get going this month in the hope that my normal cycle will kick in and I can start properly trying so I was thinking of putting the ultrasound hycosy scan back but at the same time I know this needs investigating and probably before I get pregnant. I'm petrified of anything jeopardising my own body kicking in now.

What would you do? As I am totally in two minds image

Thanks for reading xxx


  • That's a tough one Hope - you've got to just do whatever feels right. Have to discussed with OH? xx
  • Yes he said he would rather I go for the ultrasound next week and get everything looked into and sorted out first. I think in a lot of ways he isn't really agreeing with us TTC in the meantime because he's worried about my health and thinks I shouldn't be thinking about BFPs until it's sorted. But I've explained to him that because I'm seeing an infertility doctor part of the treaments and investigations seem to involve them trying to get you pregnant- so it's catch 22. To be honest at the moment I'm hoping the tablets might have kicked my own hormones etc into action and I might get a normal period this month so I'm more worried about it interfering with that and being back to square one than BFP this month.

    BTW I just saw your other post congratulations on your AF- bet you can't wait to get on with it. I've been like a little girl getting first AF and arranging all the tampax I'd bought over the months in a lovely patterned box and I've been keeping an AF diary with an app on my phone- so sad but true haha. Fingers crossed for a lovely regular 28 day cycle for you! xxx
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