Knock Knock - another newbie

Hi folks

Can I join you please?

I am Susan, aged 38 and live in Birmingham. Dh and I have started TTC No 2 as we have a little girl born in Jan 2009.

I have just started my 2ww. I use OPK and BbT so feeling positive this month, but is it possible not to symptom spot???



  • Good luck!!! Crikey sympton spotting is so awful isn't it?!! It's amazing how our bodies can trick us so much!!! Fingers crossed it's your month xx
  • Hiya hope everything goes well for you ttc
    I think we all cant help abit of syptom spotting lol
    Lots of luck x
  • Hi fellow Jan09 mummy :lol: Fingers crossed you get your BFP this month hunni xx
  • Hello, I'm a newbie too. Fingers crossed you get your BFP this month! xx
  • Welcome to ttc Susan! Maybe you'll be first month lucky :\) gl and babydust!

  • Welcome back to ttc!

    We're on month 9 ttc number 2 but I hope it happens alot quicker for you! Good luck x
  • oooh welcome and good luck, we are on month 1 TTC no2 x
  • Hi, and a big welcome!!
    U will soon be BE 'Holic' lolimage

    I'm soon to be on month 9ttc...but started using a cbfm & Pre-seed last month

  • OMG Susan, i remember you when you were ttc your 1st!!!!
    Yes sadly im still here!! lol.
    I really hope your stay on here is very, very short, good luck xxxxx
  • welcome fellow newb!! hope to see you in "pregnancy" soon!! image

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  • Thank you for your kind welcome.

    Lovely to see a couple of familiar people too - Debbie and Goonie.

    Good luck everyone and sending lots of baby dust to all of you ****************
  • Hi Susan! I'm Tyra and I'm new as well! I'll be ttc next month! Baby Dust huns!
  • hiya and welcome, it is pretty impossible not to symtpom spot lol xxxxxxxx
  • Hi and welcome hon,

    I am quite new here as we recently started ttc baby no 2, everyone is lovely and very supportive through that horrible 2ww and all the ss.....

    Hope you get a bfp soon xx
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