DEET or insect repellant - can you use when ttc?

About to go on holidays and provide the usual feast for the mozzies. Anyone know what's recommended about DEET if you're ttc/pg?



  • Howdy Flush
    Did a bit of digging around in some scientific papers

    Found this.....
    We found no human studies of exposure to DEET in the first trimester. However, the very high dose administered orally in the animal study suggests that DEET is safe when used as recommended. The CDC has advised that pregnant women take precautions to reduce their risk of WNV infection and other arboviral infections by avoiding mosquito bites and using protective clothing and DEET-based repellents. There is no evidence that the use of DEET by pregnant or lactating women poses a health hazard to unborn babies or children who are breast-feeding.

    Also found that the elimination half life is hours so all would be gone in one day

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you! That is really helpful.

    I'm not planning to take it orally (but then who does?) but nice to know that slathering it on my legs shouldn't cause any problems. You're a star!
  • I think the oral thing was acidental ingestion - not sure how that works one too many holiday cocktails?
    Hope youre going somewhere nice??? Don't forget your bucket and spade
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