cd15. . . . 2ww

HI girls,
WEll I'm cd15 2day and on the dreaded 2ww but trying not 2 get my hopes up as only 1st month ttc lol


  • Hi hols81!
    Fingers crossed for you, the 2ww seems to drag on forever! xx
  • hi, ty 4 replying...

    i didnt really monitor stuff when i tried for my other 2 kids but now im doing cycle days, when i ovulate, when im fertile, and now counting days till i can test!! i can test on the 5th june which will be my 28day cycle but im due 2 go out 2 a m8s with my OH 4 chat and drinks on 4th or 5th so hoping i know either way by then,,,lol
  • GL hols...

    I'm on on CD19 and have sore "sisters" at the mo image...

    We're on month 7 or 8 not sure as DH isn't home every month but before you lose your pma you should know I got pregs with dd the first month we tried. In fact it was only the week before I ov'd that we decided to give a try and the following week I was pregnant so you never know.... Keep up the pma!
  • it took me 6months with DD and 3 months with DS but as i said i wasent monitoring anything lol im worried pill will tke a while 2 come out of my system lol x

    and wots pma? lol
  • Hi
    I am on my first month of ttc our first baby.
    I am on cd24. Havent really been counting days etc, just doing lots of bd!
    I know it's not too likely to happen on my first month so just trying to stay relaxed and enjoy it all. We will see how long that lasts though!! Lol.
    I have been loitering on this site for a while and find it really useful.
    Good luck girls, hope we all get our BFP's soon! x
  • Positive

    Maybe 3rd time lucky?! :\)
  • oh now i with ya lol u never know huni x
  • Hi hun,
    I'm on cd18! God its dragging already. Plus I really fancied a drink in the beer garden this afternoon but couldn't just in case!

    I'm on month 1 post mc so really hope I get my BFP!

    Good luck ladies
  • I am 5dpo and I was due AF today but for some reason I ov later (CD24) so if I have 14 day LP I will be tesing 1st June. I am already symptom spotting. I have had slight twinges in the side that I know I ov from this month (I have reflexology every month and she can tell by the 'activity' which side!) boobs were tender during ov but less so now but still feel firmer than usual. I feel like I am holding my breat and beacuse of unusal ov time I feel AF could come any second! Only another 10days before I can test.I will have gone insane by then. It is all I can think about.
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