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Could I be?

Hi all,

Have never posted on here before but read everyone's postings all the time so thought you may be able to help!

We have been TTC for 2 years and need to have IVF and ICSI. Before we did this the Dr decided we should try Super Ovulation (with Clomid) and IUI. So I took clomid for 5 days and we had IUI last Wednesday, which makes me 6dpo now (not that I am counting!!!!!!!)!

Since then I have had very painful cramps, exactly the same location as I get AF pains, my hips ache badly, AF pains in my lower back, my breasts are swollen but not tender, my lower abdomen is slightly swollen just as if AF is about to arrive, I also have had the most vivid dreams and my sense of smell has gone through the roof. I am also Type 1 diabetic and my blood sugars are running amazingly well, they always run very well, but at the moment they are spot on perfect!

I desperately don't want to jump to conclusions and of course it is far to early to do a test but what do you think? Could I be pregnant???

Cant wait to hear from you all.



  • Hi L Ianni

    Did not want to read and run. You would appear to have all the text book signs of a potential pregnancyand hope this turns out to be the case. I would wait until at least 4 days before your period is due before you test - I think it is the clear blue that you can test early with. Sorry cant be anymore help.

  • Hi Lanni
    You seem to have some good symptoms but that may be a little early as hormones will probably not be circulating yet. You will need to wait until at least 4 days before AF due. Even then you may get a negative as so early. Am a type 1 diabetic too. Watch out if you are pregnant as you are more likely to experience hypos in first and last 3 months without any symptoms. Good luck though and let us know if you test poss. Babydust. Filo x
  • Hi lanni, crossing my fingers and toes for you - let us know the result. xx
  • crossing my fingers for you!
  • Thank you ever so much. We both have our fingers crossed too. Would be absolutely thrilled if it is positive. Am having to go away with work next Monday and Tuesday so will be good and wait until Wednesday morning to do a test.

    Filobabe, my bloods have been running really low, am struggling to get them above 5 wonder I have a swollen lower abdomen the amount of milk I am drinking with going hypo all the time!

    Fingers crossed and baby dust to all.

  • Try sesame snaps for hypos they are glucose and sesame seeds. Very yummy but not too sweet when you feel bleurghh. Also very good if prone to constipation which may happen in early pregnancy. Good luck Filo x
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