Too early to ovulate?

I'm really confussed today. I'm on cd 7 and am getting ovulation pains and my temperature is up.
Is it possible to ovulate this early?


  • Roughly how long is your cycle ?
  • i had a mmc in feb so no idea of cycles.
    1st af after mc was 6 weeks and last cycle was 35 days.
  • I am so sorry to hear of your m/c.
    It took me about 3 months to get back into a normal cycle after m/c.
    I would have thought it was too early for ov pains. I ov on day 9/10 of a 23 day cycle.
    I have found the following website rather helpful aswell.
    Good luck hope you get another sticky bfp soon.
  • I thought that it's a bit early but I've had an increase in temperature, sex drive & CM, along with the pains in my ovaries so just thought maybe I am??????
    Maybe my cycles have shortened!!
    Is it possible to ov this early tho coz you hear bout people getting pg when they are on their af and stuff?
  • I suppose so not really sure. Good luck i will be thinking of you. Get bd just incase.
  • just done some research on the net and you can ovulate as early as day 6, one women even got pg on day 5 so fingers crossed. will do lots of bd'ing now.
    fingers crossed
    thanks emzyv
  • Good luck Luc86 think it is possible just means this cycle will be shorter, if your cycles are irregular anyway it is possible. My longest has been 43days and shortest was 25days so it all depends on when you ov. I would do as much BDing as possible if you can so you have a good chance! fingers crossed

    p.s still bd every other day after just in case its not ov xx
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