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No AF but BFN! Help! Update :(

This is probably easier if I bullet point it!

- My cycles are always 26 days. No variation.
- I have not been on the pill for about 7 years so no hormones whizzing around besides my own.
- Before my period I get a heavy, dull ache and full feeling. I also get PMT in that I get easily annoyed.

- My AF did not show. I got a BFN on an SD test. (Am only a day late, but late nonetheless!)
- My LP is only 10/11 days, so when I did the test I think I was 11DPO, 12 at most (I don't chart temp, just use OPK so exactly when I ovulated I don't know, although I did get a definite +ve OPK)
- I have had no AF symptoms whatsoever. In fact, when I told hubby I was late he was surprised because I hadn't been (and I quote) "a complete pain in the ass". Charming!
- I have had lots of twinges for the past few days and so much CM I've been convinced AF had arrived. I've had other little symptoms that may or may not be related so I'm discounting them.

I know in reality I can't do much besides wait and test again in a few days. But I guess what I'm wondering is:

- Is it likely that I am pg but there's not enough hcg to show yet because of my shorter LP (my brain is telling me if I was pg it would have shown, even though I know that's not necessarily true)? Has anyone on here not got a BFP until after their AF was due?

- Or is it more likely my cycle has randomly decided to change after being constant for years?

I'm trying to be sensible and not get my hopes up. I didn't even test until I missed AF! I am trying to be level headed and hubby is being great, just saying we need to wait. The manic side of me is threatening to go and buy every pg test on the shelf! I just want this so much. Any reassurance/reality check appreciated! Thanks girls, sorry it was so long x

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  • Hi mrs hobbes, i would probably do a test in a few days if af didn't arrive, think it can happen that some people have to wait till they are few days late to get bfp so fingers crossed you'll get yours in a few days x
  • How frustrating! Personally I would test again with fmu tomorrow, if still a bfn wait another 2 days then test again. A friend of mine tool over 6 wks to show positive!! Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks girls. Sorry you are going through the same thing MrsHappy. I thought it would be so simple. Miss AF. Get BFP! Hope you get yours too, what's your plan?

    Hey Wildthing thanks hun. I tested again this morning, still BFN. Going to wait until Monday and if still negative, will then wait until the weekend (assuming still no AF of course!) I'm glad that some people just don't show on tests straight away! There seem to be so many that show +ve at 9DPO that I've convinced myself I can't be pregnant, even though it's the most logical explanation. Why is nothing simple?!

    How are you going this month? Haven't been on here for a while as I didn't want to get too excited just yet! x
  • Hi huni just to let you no my friend had 5 bfn with her 3 year old dd so there is still hope. Good luck and sending lots of baby dust!!!
    Luv clare
  • Hi Mrs Hobbes,

    I'm very well thanks hun, we only successfully bd once this month - either a day after ov or 3 days before so we are in with a shot this month. Have had a few symptoms (look at the symptom spotters thread!). If it doesn't happen this month then so be it, always next month!
    How are you doing? Any sign of AF yet? Have you done another test? xx
  • Thanks all. Seems there are a few of us in this boat! MrsHappy, my plan is the same, test in a few days, again next weekend and if still not AF but BFN I'm going to the doctor. It's like you say, there must be a reason she is late and the most logical one is that we're pg. But my brain doesn't believe that for some reason.

    Have checked out your SS thread Wildthing, yours look promising! Hope it works for you :\) Def in with a shot with those dates. I'm always on the next month in my head. Never really believe it will happen, still don't right now!

    No sign of AF, still loads of CM (sorry TMI!) Tested this morning but still negative. Ran out of tests so have bought some first response tests today. May wait til Monday to test again. I did so well to wait til AF was late, nature is teasing me! x
  • Hey Mrs Hobbes, just wanted to say hope it works out for you this month. Keep positive! I got a BFN today (CD26) despite feeling quite positive, and think AF might be on her way now as got a bit of brown spotting back again. Grrrrrrrh for me, but keeping my fingers crossed for you. x
  • MrsHobbes, I have no real words of wisdom (apart from maybe it was very late implantation and hence taking a while for the HGC to build up?) but I really do hope this is your BFP. Fingers crossed for you and I hope nature stops messing you about asap!

    loobylou and everybody else in confusing situations, good luck to you all too and babydust sprinklings all round. xx
  • All i can say is that my cycles are always 25 days. At xmas, when I was first pregnant I didn't get BFP till 4 days late. Having said that I had no idea when I OVed and turned out to have a mmc in the end, so not v successful, but hope you are different!
  • AF arrived in the night like a silent predator. Pain arrived this morning and just for an extra kick in the chuff, it's probably the most painful period I've had. Woop joy.

    So, yea. No idea why it was late or where all that CM came from. Bit bummed this morning and I think hubby was too when I told him which made me cry, I feel like I've let him down image

    Oh well, onto June. Hope my cycle sorts itself out. I really hate how it's been like clockwork for so long and now I'm TTC it decides to change. Sucks.

    Sorry, I know we haven't really been trying long and there are people in much worse situations. Good luck to everyone still waiting x
  • Sorry the witch got you. I'm on cd 34 now and still waiting it's driving me mad!
    Sorry it didn't turn out the way you hoped it would but at least you're not in limbo anymore.
    Good luck for next month!!
  • Aw hun, really sorry she arrived image fingers crossed for next month x
  • Sorry she got you Mrs Hobbes, if its any consolation, I think I'll be joining you moving onto a new month. x
  • Thank you ladies. Mother nature is a bumhole!

    Hey Rach, def good to not be in limbo, limbo land is not a nice place. How many days late are you now? Are you going to see the doc?

    Hey MrsHappy, still no AF I take it?

    Oh Loubylou, I hope you aren't joining me! In a nice way lol. Someone has to get a BFP! Is AF on her way?

  • I think so unfortunately. Think tomorrow is likely to be cd1. Brown spotting has come back and the mother of all AF cramps. Had a little cry on hubbys shoulder before, but OK now. Been out gardening to take my mind off it! Onto month five, far longer than I thought it would take us when we first started this journey! x
  • Yep I've got a day of gardening booked in tomorrow!

    Tell me about it, wish we'd started trying sooner. Feel your pain, have a hug :\) We can be cycle buddies and whinge to each other all month! Hope you're ok x
  • Mrshobbes af arrived today on cd 35 and just like you she has arrived with a bang!! Here we go again...cd 1! image
    Mrshappy I doubt the doctor would do anything other than tell you to wait a bit longer. Medically speaking a missed period or late period is 'normal' and can happen due to many reasons such as stress etc. It's awful though when you're ttc and counting every day of your cycle! I would wait a few more days and see what happens.
    Good luck to everyone still waiting and to those starting a new cycle!
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