May09 Brides TTC

Hey girls
I think there are quite a few of us May09 brides on here ttc
So far ive got
Jay78 (me)
Sparkling Diamond
Mrs JC
Mrs PinkPlayboy
Vicsy (although i think you said you were 2006?)

Anymore out there?



  • Ooh I like this! image

    Did everyone use YAYW?

  • Yes i did. I even had the same username but i didnt go on there much. What was your username?
  • I'm a May 2008 bride - am I allowed the g/c. What's 12 months between TTCers? I was also on YAYW but haven't been on for AGES.
  • Hi I was on yayw but under my married name.

    Hi PP the more the merrier lol xx
  • Hey PP yep more the merrier! Cool you and I were both married in May and now starting our cycle together. Is your cycle 26 days like mine or is it longer/shorter?

  • My cycle is very erratic, it can be anything from 19-38 days but mostly around 24-28. The average of that is 26 must be meant to be! Though let's hope we don't have to find out because we'll get out BFP this cycle!
    Speaking of weddings, I was chatting with Mr Pozzee about our wedding the other day. It was such a special day that we shared with so many people. But it was the ceremony where it seemed like it was just us that still gives me goose-bumps.
    Must stop gushing!!! I blame the G&T I am drinking for making me all melancholy - I am celebrating the first day of my cycle.
  • Its the same name on here but with bunny on the end. I had one of those playboy phases. :lol: I used to love watching the show and got lots of the merchandise. I look back and think what the hell! :lol: I wanted a different name when i joined baby expert but thought it was best to keep the same name as alot of people i started talking to on YAYW moved over to here and at least they would know who i was.

    Not on there so much now all thanks to BE of course.


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  • he he PP you do make me chuckle x Good for you having a G&T!

    MPP - cant believe you actually got merchandise! he he what merchandise did you get? xx
  • Yeah i dunno what to do with it all. Ive got the T-shirts, umbrellas, underwear, jewellery, towels, mirrors, cocktail drink set, glasses, lights, scarfs, socks, shoes and boots, blankets and got some more but cant think, :lol: Even my hubby has got some playboy boxers and they werent even from me. MIL got them. hehe

    Most favourite part of my collection has got to be my pink YES PINK! :lol: knee high boots, I still wear them but only coz of the colour.
    I definately wont be adding anything else to the collection, might be worth something in the future tho.

  • Yeah def keep it all as may be worth something in the future!
    What PINK boots? Surely not? he he I had a feeling you might like all things pink? Did you have a pink limo when you got married? x
  • Yeah they are a baby pink colour. Even my wedding shoes were baby pink, Ill post a picture of my wedding shoes, think ive still got it on photo bucket account. They are stunning. The ankle strap had diamantes. Coloriffics i think was the make.

    I had a black hummer, I asked for pink ribbons tho :lol: but they gave me white and they made me 30 minutes late for my ceremony. image

  • Sounds lovely...i remember seeing a picture of your dress, which was absolutely stunning!

    Black hummer, nice x Bloomin cheek why did they make you late? Did they not turn up on time or something? x
  • G/C from Due in May....

    I was a May 2009 bride on YAYW and just wanted to wish you all the best of luck for speeding BFPs!
    Sending you all lots of baby dust!!!

    Jana 33+6 with blue bump! x
  • i was on yayw!!!! as MrsJc2be and then now Mrs JC!! sooo original!!! lol

    29th May was our day!! can't believe its coming up 10 months!! its crazy!!

  • Black hummer, nice x Bloomin cheek why did they make you late? Did they not turn up on time or something? x

    I have no idea why, We did get it half price coz our best man knew somebody who works for the company but i cant see that being the reason. As best man sorted it, wondering if they got timings wrong. That kinda almost ruined my day, i was nearly in tears, i was almost having panic attacks waiting for it.
    I also ordered a white one too but as we got it half price i suppose they gave it to people who paid full price so i sorta understood that point, didnt bother me too much. The black just reminded me of funerals though image
    I was pretty niffed aswell coz the driver didnt apologise and he asked me if i wanted a drive around the whole town, i was thinking are you having a laugh im already late and i havent had my interview with the registrar yet! But im glad the rest of the day went ok, I still feel sorry about how my hubby must of been feeling, he probably thought i had pulled out! image

  • Oh poor hubby x At least all turned out ok in the end though x
  • Hi May09ers!!

    Nice to see we have a lil group of our own forming!!

    I too was late *shame* not my fault bridesmaids refused to get dressed until they had their breakfast and some champage I was running round trying to organise everyone.

    Anyway we hired a sunbed and so because the bank hol was after our wedding they wouldnt pick it up so we were limited for space I creeped upstairs with my mam and sis and got ready without the photographer spying on us he he!!

    I never really wanted pics of me getting zipped up etc.

    Oh we received the other day a photo montage to music from our photographer apparently it was part of our package and I forgot to do it.

    They put about 80 images on a DVD to music but it was fab the way they done it.

    We had a lovely morning watching it and reminiscing on Mothers Day then I went to my mams and watched it with my mam, dad and sis and we were all talking about the wedding. Then we went to hubbys mams and they watched it too.

    I was thinking on Mothers Day wouldnt it be nice to let my parents know if I was pregnant but then I didnt know and now am still not sure so hey ho.

    It was funny to think tho on Mothers Day i had a giggle to myself and said to hubby just think this time next year I will be a mammy and getting a card n present on Mothers Day. he he xx
  • I was on YAYW and got married in July09 : )
  • sorry to thread crash, but im may2010 bride and ttc image and on yayw of course! so excited! woohoo! 63 days to go!
  • woohooo what day in May are you getting married *me*? If you need any advice at all then just let us know xx
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