Advice needed - sorry TMI!!

Hello Ladies,

Apologies firstly as me and OH are not actively TTC but we did have an 'accident' on CD20. Don't want any of u to think I am being ungrateful or rubbing it in!

I know some of you will be able to help me with this as you are all so tuned in to everything 'baby making' related!

So, as I said, we had an accident on CD19/20. I am due on, on wednesday, but since the 'accident' I have been having slight af cramps, also for the past few days I have been getting a sort of discharge which is thick in consistency and a sort of pale yellow colour (sorry TMI) I have also been getting a shooting pain in my left boob. I actually did a First Response test on Saturday (CD24) and it was a BFN, but I am just wandering what the discharge is and if any of you have experienced it so close to being due on.

Sorry - and thanks ladies

H xx

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  • hello again image it could be coz ur pg, maybe do another fr when af is due? it may of been to early to tell? increased cm is a symptom, so who knows, u may actually get ur bfp without 'trying' so thats great lol. when r u going to start activly ttc? xxxxxx
  • hello image

    we weren't supposed to be TTC til May next year due to me only recently starting my job (mid june) and financing. i need 2 stop worrying tho cuz that will stop af from coming and send me into a frenzy lol. how are you getting on with TTC?

  • ur right, stressing will only make it worse, not long to wait hun. yeah doing ok, we are on our 6th month ttc, and just started using opks' got my + yesterday., so hopefuly that done the trick! fingers crossed! xxxxx
  • and u pet, keep us posted xxxxxx
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