Increased CM when?

I was just wondering when you get increased CM if you are pregnant. I am 5dpo and have only a little. Would it be noticable by now if I was?



  • Hi.... I'm sorry I don't know the answer but I thought that I'd let you know that I'm also 5dpo (I think) and I don't have anything abnormal in the CM department. Just the usual for this time of cycle so really hope that it will start excessively next week!!! Never thought i'd hear myself say that!!! Good luck and you're not alone!! x
  • Thanks KK115. I thought I would know all this as I have 2 children already but I feel clueless!

    Wishing you lots of luck :\)
  • i didnt notice the increased CM till about 17weeks of pregnancy, as i thought i was weeing myself a little (which i wasnt it was the CM) but never noticed untill that point? xx
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