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Hi Hun image

I really hope you don't think i am imposing on your life here but i was just having a nosy in pregnancy and read your post so i did some searching for you!


If you have a look at the above site i think it might help. Myself and my OH have been TTC for about 16 months now. I only started TTC with a CBFM 2 months ago so we are classing it as "starting again" and then docs have to take us seriously if nothing happens.

I just wanted to say when i went to see a fertility doc (i know there are a lot of women on here who may have also seen them so i may be wrong) she told me that having sex every day is not good for sperm as you are not giving it enough chance to become of "good quality". Apparently if you leave sperm in the man image for 2-3 days the sperm becomes a good quality and more healthy which means it will have more stamina to reach the egg quicker!!!

I may be telling you things you already know and i don't want to sound like some know it all or anything but you just sounded sooo stressed in your post and i really felt for you. I know that stress doesn't help TTC but then again that is common knowledge anyway but i think if you BD every day, you and your hubby will get REALLY tired. Also i found after 2 months of TTC when me and my OH BD'ed every day for nearly a month we both resented my body for not getting pregnant after all the hard work we put into trying.

My doc also told me that 90% of people get pregnant in the first year if they have sex 3-4 times a week or sex every 3 days because they are giving the sperm time to multiply etc.

I hope this helps you in some way and you will get that BFP!!! My OH loves the fact that we have "started again" as he hated thinking that we couldn't conceive and at least this time we are doing it "properly" so if there are any problems we know we have tried at the right times.

Good Luck with TTC hun image

Tink xxx


  • I just seen this :lol:

    so sweet of you ((((hugs)))))
    I'll sit and have a read image
    Thanx again tink xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey gembags,

    It is ok, it may comfort you a little or may not, i found it quite useful really (even though it is stuff we already know it is nice to read it)

    Hope you are feeling a little better

    Tink xx
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