Please Read Only

I have come on here because i couldnt leave things as they were. I would be really grateful if people would respect my wishes and just read this. If you would like to comment then fair enough but i won't be coming back to read this.

All i wanted to say was Kat had no right coming on here and telling everyone my personal life, i am quite shocked she mentioned her abortions too. Whether people thought it was me pretending to be her or whatever i dont really care - everyone has a right to think whatever. I didnt ask her to come on here and do what she did.

Also i wanted to say the reason i got upset over reading "too immature to be a parent" was because believe it or not it might be a forum but like i have explained to some people on here i have no one else to talk to, all Kat has to say is "you want a lil brat?", she is supportive now as a friend but she doesnt like children which is what most of my friends are like. So to me the ladies on here did actually mean something to me, i might not have met anyone or talked to all of you but to me you were the people i could speak to and you ladies were the only people (apart from my OH of course) that knew what i was going through. So that is why i got upset over it so much, plus i have soooo badly wanted a child since i was 18 but in my eyes i was too young then. Which is why (as Kat already told you by the looks of it) i quit smoking, bought my own house and then quit drinking, because to me that meant i was on my way to been responsible enough to be a parent and hopefully a good one at that. So for me, even though i have only been TTC since i was 20 i have wanted this for a lot longer and believe it or not i have a very mature head on my shoulders, its places like this where i feel i can let go a little.

And lastly, i wanted to say all of my posts have never been written with the intention of causing trouble, i am the LAST person who plays for sympathy whether you believe that or not!!! The post that got out of hand wasn't written with me thinking "people had better not disagree with me". I just knew the way a post had gone before about people on the dole or something so i was asking (in a jokey way, hence the :lol: at the end of my "warning") that people didn't turn it into an argument. God knows how people read it and thought i was basically saying do not disagree with me.

angel100, BB and shuck you really have been the closest people to me through the TTC food diary thread and i wish you the best of luck with things. shuck i read your comment on Kats thread, i did not tell her EVERYBODY was saying things. I was so upset i rang her and basically blurted out i had been TTC for 18months, sorry i didnt tell her but i am distraught that people who were so kind to me and who i thought really understood me etc had told me i was too immature to be a parent. she was shocked at what i was saying, she hardly spoke, she just asked what website i was on about and then my boss appeared so i said i had to go and she has a key to my house so when i got home she was here, explaining she had "sorted it" - fingers crossed she doesnt "sort" anything for me in the future.

Right, like i said i would appreciate if people could just leave this a happy :\? thread and let me go without a big "oh she is only doing it for sympathy, she will be back in a day or two" rant.

Please believe i do not do things for sympathy, i do not try to patronise other people and the things that i say are meant to be hurtful, maybe more than anything they are very naive things that come out of my mouth as i have, what my mum calls, a very curious mind.

babydust to everyone, if you will take it from me. i hope everyone gets what they want and that 2010 is a good year from everyone and it empties the TTC forum :lol: and everyone moves to pregnancy.

i am sure if i ever get my BFP i will tell someone on here at some point and hope you can be happy for me.
thanks for the support over the month and i only wish my personality didnt come over so "PSYCHO" on the tinterweb!!! :roll:

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