OMG I cant believe that made me sad.

Sorry, i had to post, i just went away for a cry-i cant believe it made me sad.

I looked at the Jan BFP's to see if i hadnt congratulated anyone or if any new people were there and when i looked at EDD i noticed that by the time of our 2nd wedding anniversary we just wont have a baby. its the 25th Oct.

I know its silly, and i dont know how i didnt think of it before. Just a bit sad because i feel like i just HAVE to be a Mum. I guess its just because i was broody ages before Hubby.


  • Oh hun, it will happen for you and me too hopefully but I do know how you feel.

    How long have you been ttc?

    Sending you lots of baby dust and a super big hug xx
  • Aww hun, sorry you felt like this. I think it's the little things that tend to hurt the most. It will come hun

    Sending you lots of hugs

  • We havent even been trying!! Nov was the first time then i had a messed up AF! We'd been having UPSI since March, but we had planned to try after Oct 08 then there was a reason we couldnt which really upset me and hubby just hasnt really been too keen before now.

    It just made me feel odd looking at it.

    The reason we couldnt was sort of related to money, but i found out that my bm and best friend fell preg over MY honeymoon and for some reason i was devestated and acted like she 'stole' my honeymoon baby!!!

    I think its because in the last two days ive heard of 3 people i used to know having baby girls, and two are on the way-well, the due dates are next week!!

    thanks girls, you are so sweet.
  • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I "poped" into preg today and i ended up crying as there are so many BFP posts i remember that r now turning into babys it just made me sad.

    I found out a person i used to know is 30 something months preg and it made me cry for a blimming hour because when we were talking she had said she would have another child so they could get more money and a bigger place and she would also not have to go to work :cry: we fell out about a year ago but it makes me so so sad that i have money in the bank that we (well OH) earned and i havent fallen preg...........

    :cry: set myself off agin :cry:

    hugs hun i know its hard......... xx gems xx
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