OV Scaning!!!...definatly going to increase our chances!!:-)

Hi all

my friend is a registered midwife who dose 3/4D scaning, I kept getting pains in my lower part of my tummy a while back and went to the DR's and had some bloods done....all came back as normal, i told my friend about it who knows we are TTC and she asked if i wanted her to scan me (internally) to see if she could see anything, so i had the scans done as all she could see what some fuid (in my pouch of douglas (lol such a FUNNY name i know!!!- made me giggle a bit too) any ways a couple of weeks went by and i had another scan done and it had dissapered, so all was looking good i had that scan done and found out soo much! i found out i have a retroverted uterus, and for some reason couldn see my left Ovarie but she said its totally normal and that they do move a bit anyways!.....(since then we have been able to see both ovaries .... then my friend suggested she keep scanning me to see how my body was working with OV and hormones ETC........any way am still having the scans done and we can now see when i have a dominant follicle wich shows when i am about to ovulate!!! so now we know when i do ACTUALLY OV!!!!!! image YAY!!!! so had a scan done yesterday and i had a dominant follicle on my Left ovary which i will OV from!! it measured 23mm and a non OV folicle is around 7-8mm!! so from yesterday i could ovulate ANY time now!!!!!

random post but i thought it might interest you ladies? as now we can accuratley pin-point when i OV! and BD at the rights times!!!

has anyone else had this done???

***baby dust ***

Love Lucy !xxxxx :\) :\)

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  • I've never heard of those scans and I've only had U/S when pregs with dd but hey, if it helps you and your friends does it, go for it!

    What is "pouch of douglas"???? LOL Nevermind, I just googled it - never heard of it before... image
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