What is going on!?!?!?!?


Ive been on the pill for over 8 years and decided to come off it to get my body prepared for a baby. We have been trying for a baby but nothing has happened yet.
Since coming off the pill my periods have been every 5 weeks not 4, however this month i didn't come on so after 5 days i did a pregnancy test which i got from superdrug. We did the test and a faint line appeared so we thought i must be pregnant. We decided to do another test in the morning as the hcg level is higher then but the test showed an even fainter line so we were even more confused!!!! I then went a got 2 more test but brought different ones which both were both negative.
Saturday evening came and i started getting really bad period pains which i don't normally get, Sunday morning comes and the pain is still there followed by my period however the pain is really bad. Last night i struggled to sleep with the pain and today has been exactly the same. My friend thinks its possible im having a miscarriage but i just think its a bad period, how would i know?

Any advice would be helpful xxxx


  • Hi - sounds to me that you may have had a chemical pregnancy a lot of women get these without knowing as they haven't tested early they just think their af is late! There is no way of finding out if this has happened and probably wouldn't offer much comfort anyway as there is nothing that could be done.

    If you can I would try to not dwell on it too much - easier said than done I know!!

    Although if it was to happen again next month then I would maybe go and see your doctor!

    Hope you're ok chick!xx
  • I dunno if this helps but every few cycles I get one that is mega heavy and mega painful, usually after i've had a slightly longer cycle. No idea why.
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