cycles... bit off?

my cycle has never ever ever ever been regular and i am getting confused image

i am 23 and have never really been impressed by them, they are quick, irregular and painfree. So i have very little clue.

My last 7 cycles have been:

so maybe they are evening out at about 32/33?? Does everyone have this sort of thing... or am i weird?


  • do you use OPKs so you can still catch when your OVing?

    x x x
  • As far as I know - a 'normal' cycle is anything from 28 days to 35 days - so you sound perfectly normal hun ! I don't think many people come on on the same day every month xxx dont read too much into it and just keep an eye on when you are OV as it will be on different days too xx
  • i always used to have a 30/31 day cycle then in dec 08 i had a 45 day cycle and since then its ranged from as low as 15 days!!! in nov last year to 40 but mainly 30-35 days

    maybe keep track of your nxt 2 and see what you get it could be that your evening out,nbut your not weird lol x
  • awesome thanks ladies, its just when ur at school etc they say 28 days is a cycle and when you actually grow up... it isnt like that! Confuzzled.

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