Effing cbfm made me more confused about cycle!!!

I expected to have a high today as I ov on cd17 and have done the last 9 months I've used opks and such.i got my peak yesterday...
Today is cd18 an I've got another peak! This means if I ov today my lp goes down to 9 days grrr!!!

Can I have already ov an it's peaking cuz the hormones are still present??
The booklet says that it peaks when it picks up the extra hormone tht opks don't meaure and that's why it's more accurate, that means I've always ov on cd18 and my short lp could be the reason I've had three chem pregs???

So confusing!!!!


  • Hiya hun. Is this the first month you've used the cbfm? It always gives 2 peak days to make sure it doesn't miss the surge. Hth good luck x
  • Hi, the CBFM always gives 2 peak days, it's basically the day you would get a smiley face (1st peak) then the day you most likely ov on (2nd peak) It's the same for everyone hun but it's not to say you don't ov on the first peak, as an egg lives about 12-18 hours then the next day is still a peak fertility day if you get what I mean xx
  • Thanks for replying, we had sex again anyway. I think I'm completely shagged out!!! If it peaks again tomoz I may just sling the bloody thing out of the window!!! Xx
  • you should get 2 peaks then a high as technically you can still catch the egg after OV hence the high after x
  • I'm gonna count myself as 1dpo, so 11 days til af shows or not...hopefully!!!
  • Hi Baby-princess, I used a CBFM for the first time last month and got my peaks on days 17 & 18 the same as you and i also have a 28 day cycle giving me a short lp too.

    I got my BFP last saturday making me 5 weeks pregnant!!!

    keeping my fingers crossed that the same thing happens for you. x
  • Congrats pink pumpkin!!! I hve a question for you...
    What days dis u bd and what dpo ds u get your bfp...
    Because ad is due then at 10dpo which is early to get a bfp???
  • Thanks baby-princess

    We BD on CD 9 10 11 12 14 15 17 18 & 19

    I tested the day after AF was due which would have been 11 DPO and got a faint positive on a super drug test, tested the next morning on a CB digital and got a 1-2 weeks pregnant and another superdrug test and got a darker line.
  • Omg that's alot of bd! We only bd 10 13 15 17 18 image I don't know we have a chance, may try bd for good measure
  • I have stomach ache and loads of creamy cm today, think I've already ov'd
  • I know but it was our first month with the CBFM and we decided to really go for it! lol

    Try agian just for luck you never know, keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  • Omg that's alot of bd! We only bd 10 13 15 17 18 image I don't know we have a chance, may try bd for good measure

    It only takes once hun! It's actually better not to BD to much as doing so doesn't give your OH time to allow strong swimmers to develop x
  • Think we should have done it more. Suppose got to let fate takes it's course!!!
  • now now, I don't like hearing your pma slipping!! it only takes 1 swimmer, come on, we are getting our Xmas beans this month and I'm not taking no for an answer!! :P
  • Yay, ok!!! It's so hard after a year, come on swimmers!!!!!
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