How do you stay positive??

Hi girls, just wanted to see how everyone is staying positive? any tips? i get so frustrated and upset every month and starting to feel down when af comes, i hate it as thats not me and i have so much admiration for those people who have been trying for years, maybe i need a hobby??
AF hasnt actually arrived yet this month but i already feel negative!!
Good Luck xx


  • Hello there, well i have been trying for 2 years!!

    I can tell you, it brings me down soooo bad. I didn't get periods (until this month image) and every month i prayed it would come, but it didn't. As soon as i felt a 'symptom' i would get my hopes up soooo much, and when i test and it comes back neg, oooohhhh dear.... i am just in tears and feel soooo low. It is the most horrible feeling in the world. I feel like a complete failure, and like it's someone telling me i am not good enough to be a mummy.

    Hardest thing for me is when i hear my friends are pregnant. It's like someone sticking a knife in me. Worst thing ever is a girl who i work with is pregnant, and i just wanted to die when she announced it. Everyday it's all she talks about (and so she should, it's her first and i am genuinely so happy for her) but sometimes i just want to be myself and have a wee cry.... She is taking her first scan pics in next week, and i am dreading it so much. I feel like such a bitch because inside i am screaming out in pain but on the outside i constantly have my happy face on.... arrrggghhhh!!!!

    Nevermind, i have a gorgeous fiance who supports me and my emotions - What else can a girl ask for, and we are getting married next year, so i have my wedding to focus on. Hopefully i will just fall without obsessing over it and everything will just fall into place.

    How are you coping?

    x x x x x
  • Hi

    I can sympathise with you its so hard and gets harder every month. Im on month 15ttc but we are all after the same goal and you just gota keep on going.

    Unfortunatly stressing and worrying about it doesnt help. Goodluck and i hope you get you bfp soon.

    jen xx
  • Thankyou girls for your comments, a few hours after typing that i got a BFP from 3 tests (including a digital). I do not by any means feel i am out of the woods yet tho and have felt so down this last few months as it took over my life, thinking about TTC, i have been trying for over 7 months now and, had decided that if i wasnt this month then i was going on holiday in july, why should i hold off enjoying life in the meantime, i just want to say that i felt i was never going to get a second line on that test and even now it doesnt seem real, but i did and i can happen. I would advise to never give up hope, and keep your mind off it as much as poss. I hope this happens for everyone soon, wish you all, all the luck in the world. xxx
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