LH levels question


A question for you knowledgable ladies;

What happens to the LH hormone levels after ov - do they go lower than what they are in the 1st stage of cycle?

I've been using opk's for about 3 weeks. In all that time I've always had a line of some kind (usually very visible) it then went very dark about a week ago so assumed I'd ov'd although wasn't a true positive (I am currently on CD101 so can't really work out on cycle!!) as it then went back to a fainter line. Since then I've still been testing as I'm not 100% of sure I did ov and now I'm getting absolutely no line at all (the first time this has happened).

Do you think that means I did ov?

And second question, therefore as I am about 8dpo do you think this would indicate a definate no for pg as it's not picking up anything? - I've heard that opk's can detect pg

Thanks for any help!



  • hi hun 8DPO is not that far along and u LH might not be strong enough to pick it up yeat i would wait about a week and see

    good luck
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