feeling weird..............

hiya ladies my period is late by approx 10-15 days and im getting worried/excited!!
around 5 days ago i had browny/pinky staining in my knickers and thought AF was here, but after a few hours it had gone! am since then ive had loads of CM and feel weird twinges in my stomach- unlike any period pains ive had before- it feels like burning sometimes. My nips are also a bit tender lol

Im so confused as me and hubby only BD'd twice this month!

Ive been going swimming a lot and apparently ive been told this is the best exercise to limber up for babymaking lol

what do i do??
im scared to test in case its a BFN as ive convinced myself we've done it lol


  • there is only one way to find out whats going on chick!! you know what you have to do!! let us know! image
  • hehe im scared lol, we've been trying on/off for the past two years and havnt really tried at all this month (after a few months break)
  • Test...test...test...it only takes one time to get pg hon xx
  • Do it!! Go POAS!!!
    Good luck.
  • hey ladies am going to test in the morning hehe, am sooooo nervous as i think we havnt done it and am losing all my PMA : ( still no AF tho!!
  • Good luck. Can't believe you haven't tested yet. You have good self control!
  • omg i cant believe you havent tested your will power is awesome!!!!
    oooooo i have a great feeling about you, i think you are going to get your BFP in the morning!!!
    he he good luck!! xxx
  • Wow! I can't believe you haven't tested yet either!! 10-15 days late.... that is all sounding very positive!! I'm late now, AF was due yesterday, but still no signs, just back ache and sensitive nipples.... I'm going to try and hold out to Saturday to test - doubt I will last that long though!! xx
  • How did you get on.............??
  • heya ladies, ive done a CBD and saw those horrible, awful words...................not pregnant.
    Absolutely gutted. Im now approx 16-17 days late and boobs still sore and feeling hot and sweaty all the time. Just waiting for AF now. It could all just be stress as im having probs at work and getting married next month so im not holding out much hope.
  • Still no AF though! Keep the PMA!
  • surely it would be reading BFP by now though?? lol my PMA is dwindling................... : (
  • oh chick image i dont know what to suggest?! chocolate?! in large quantities?! sorry, not helpful. just try and see what happens i guess....
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