1st timer in everyway!

Hi All

I am very new and very scared. After weeks of chatting with my OH and reading tons of websites and books I am going to TTC. I have thrown the pill away, taking my folic acid and am waiting to see what happens.

Is it normal to be this scared and nervous about it all?

I know its a very natural thing but the whole thought of being pregnant scares me. I so want a baby but am scared about the being pregnant bit and the lack of control I will have over my body (growing at its own rate and all the scary pains and things you get because of it!).

All nice words of advice are needed.

And...how cool is this site, its going to be my bible for the next few years I can tell. :lol:



  • Hello there.
    I am curerntly TTC my second and can tell you that pregnancy is really not scary. Yes, your body is changing and doing odd things, but as long as you understand why it is happening it's awe-inspiring rather than frightening. I genuinely LOVED being pregnant and even quite enjoyed giving birth. You'll be absolutely fine.
    Good luck with it all.
  • Hi honey this is my first month of TTC finished the pill about three weeks ago and I was sooo scared. It's a huge step but a wonderful one as well. This site has been amazing though the more info you read the more stressed i seem to get but you just need to try and enjoy it and take it each month as it comesimage

    Welcome and all the bestimage

  • Hello! "waves!" Nice to meet you! We're currently TTC our 1st baby!

    I agree that this website and all the ladies on her are wonderful! I have learnt sooo much!

    I have similar feelings to yours as although we desperately want a family, the thoughts of pregnancy and birth etc are understandably overwhelming! Plus we've never done it before...we're bound to be a bit anxious! But we'll be just fine, it's what we're made to do after all!!
    All the very best and good luck to you! Look forward to chatting!
    Tibby xxxx
  • Wow, what a nice welcome. I joined a forum before (not a baby related one) and I felt a bit like an outsider but you have all been great. I hope this is the first of many chats.

    I must remember what Tibby said: "it's what we're made to do after all" and even though I might not have a clue what is going on my body will go into auto-pilot and do what it needs to do to make a health and hopefully wonderful baby.

    When you first come off the pill do your periods get worse (heavy? and gross??)?

    Betty x x x
  • They can do. The pill can be used to give women lighter and more managable periods, so it makes sense that they would worsen when you stop taking it.
    Where are you in your cycle babybetty?
  • Good Luck Betty, welcome to the crazy world of ttc. I am ttc no.2 and on month7 so I can tell you now that being pregnant is a lot easier and more exciting than ttc. You will have some wonderful experiences and be amazed a what your body can cope with. Dont be scared you'll be fine. For now have fun and enjoy making a baby as it can be stressful x x x
  • With regards to my cycle, I am not sure, my periods are all over and I am not sure what is classed as a period. I have promised myself that I will keep a diary of these periods from now on so I know where I am and what is happening. I have only had spotting so far and my friend (who is also a GP) said this is normal when you come off the pill.
  • Welcome babybetty! I was more excited about ttc rather than nervous but after 6mths it's now more stressful than anything else I'm afraid. I'm sure when it happens then we'll all be fine but I hope you don't have a long wait. Def keep track of your cycles and hopefully soon they'll get regular too (mine are up and down still). Try to go with the flow for now, you'll soon become obsessed, LOL, Goodluck x
  • welcome and good luck honey!!!

    since i came off the pill my periods, when i've had them have been much lighter and less painful than when i was on the pill which has been a plesent surprise! although this may be a sign that i'm not ov'ing!! but it does take the body a while to get rid of the pill!!
    it's quite good that you've got a freind thats a gp i'm sure she can keep you right as well!!! you never know we may end up asking you the questions!!! lol
  • Its good to have a friend who is a GP because I can't talk with many people including my sister. She is having IVF and has been for what seems like years and I don't want to upset her. No one can work out why she can't have kids and my Nan said most of the women in my family have fallen pregnant in a blink (maybe we need to have a birds and bee chat Nan if thats how it works!!).

    I am very worried she will get upset (my sister not my nan) when it does happen but I can't put my life on hold just because she might get upset. She's been trying for about 5 years now! Poor thing.

    You are all given fab advice and I am so happy I have found other people that want to talk all about this all the time.

    Thanks you image
  • Hello! Welcome to the madhouseimage

    We're currently ttc our first - scary and frustrating, but with a wonderful end result I'm sure!

    There's a site called www.mymonthlycycles.com that you can chart your cycles on - it helped me after coming off the pill. My periods got heavier, and I now usually suffer from symptoms around ovulation and when I'm due on - 2 weeks out of 4 I'm relatively normalimage

    Good luck to you x x
  • Hi babybetty and welcome

    I came off the pill at the beginning of April and have been very lucky that my cycle has gone back into 28 days straight away and not been too heavy. I know what you mean about your sister as I am in a similiar situation and so am a bit worried about how she will feel.

    Good luck and look forward to speaking soon
  • Thank you for your advice, I have looked at the website Gypsy recommended and think it will help in my mission to be organised.

    What makes me laugh is for years we try not to get pregnant and we worry if there is a small chance of it happening. I remember years ago having a long chat into the night with a friend after the birth control failed - she ended up taking the morning after pill. Years later when she was married and sorted she tried for ages to get pregnant. If we knew then what we know now!

    Thank you for all your feedback. x
  • I said something similar myself the other week!! Think back to what you were told to scare you off having sex! lol!!
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