2 x ewcm and no af???

can you get ewcm when you are not ov? I had it on 3rd June and then again today which is exactly 28 days later but no af in the middle- just small bit of brown? Does this mean i am ov though? withdrawal bleed was 2nd may.


  • Have you tested lately? xxx
  • yes did one yest which was bfn so don't think can be that- have no symptoms either.
  • mmm I would have said you might be pg but If no af then test again in a few days. When was your last af? xx
  • think its a pill thing as haven't had one since coming off at the start of may. the ewcm seems to say i may be ov though!
  • Hi Mini510_0

    I have had this. I am on day 102 today and have had about 3 lots of ewcm but no AF. In my first cycle i came off the pill end of Jan, had ewcm tinged with blood on Feb 25-26, then again on March 15-16 then got AF on March 22. Was doing my temperatures too and never have had a thermal rise so no ov for me.

    I am now wondering though, yesterday and on Sunday night I had brown when I wiped, and thought AF was on her way. But still hasn't turned into AF. This morning when I wiped had brown ewcm. Do you think this could be ov? Before I went on the pill i used to get my period every 3 then 2 weeks... or so I thought. Now i wonder if the 3 weeks (which was always very light and brown) was actually ov, followed by AF 2 weeks later. Sorry didn't mean to hijack your thread!
  • Hello, sorry to put a bit of a dampener on things but you can get ewcm without ovulating and you can also ovulate without getting ewcm.
    Still, the timing of it sounds good, I reckon you just had a super light AF in the middle.
  • i am so confused! that is interesting moomin you think the brown could be ov. i might start doing temps like you to see whats going on. The doc really should warn about all this when they put you on the pill!!
  • I know! I understand they don't want us to take it lightly and think that missing the pill won't matter, but they should at the least say that if you want to come off the pill and start trying for a baby you should make an appointment with them 6 months in advance or something so they can explain all the possible ups and downs you might encounter! Also I think we are not well educated about what our own bodies do. In school they give you the real basics which are only relevant if your body is like clockwork but not all of us are!
  • ps I'll let you know if my temperatures change or if this turns into AF...
  • would be good to know as we're in the same boat!
  • would be good to know as we're in the same boat!
  • just did opk by the way which was neg- so confirmed EWCM does not always mean OV!
  • I've never tried OPK - I might pick one up and try it tonight to find out if this spotting is potentially ov...
  • let me know. Its hard hard to work things out without af! I never thought I'd be hoping her her to come! I'm going to docs if i get to cd80 - i'm on 56 i think at the mo can't imagine what 102 is like
  • It's weird! I have ups and downs - sometimes loads of PMA and then others really frustrated and a couple of weeks ago I had a major low and cried a lot about it!
    Well I think i'm going to bd with my hubby tonight anyway just in case. (as though i would bd with anybody else!!!) I will try to pick up some ov sticks too but not sure if i want to go down a whole new obsession route!
  • You can OV more then once a month? Some women do up to 3 times!!
  • Did my first OPK last night - it came up with a faint line which according to the pack means no LH surge. BD'd anyway just in case!
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