which hpt are the most accurate early on?

Hi girls
Just seen my first AF since stopping the pill but am wondering which hpt you guys recommend? Been ttc for just one month and when i was late this month I tried a clear blue one. Just thinking for next month - fingers crossed... only read on here things about different brands not being accuarate etc
baby dust to you all


  • First response are normally recommended.

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  • yup def First Response, got my BFP 3 days before AF was due with FR xx
  • I actually just used shops own and then got a clearblue once I got my bfp.(long time ago now but used to be a poas queen)never rated first response at all. Also used to buy in bulk off eBay the cheapies and if desparate ones from poundland. I think I got my bfp with any early on. Have had 2 babies and 5 pregnancies.
    Fingers crossed. filo x
  • Hi FF,

    Superdrug own and First Response are the best, Id use Clearblue once Id got BFP's on the other 2 brands just to confirm it.
    First Response is 25mlu I think and Superdrug is 10mlu whereas Clearblue is 50mlu.
    Superdrug is capable of picking up the smallest amount of HCG in the urine.

  • Never got on with fIRST response. Cb was best for me but did get some negs too. Digital is good as there is no looking for lines in the light but having said that I had a chemical pregnancy with one so never used the digital ones again!
  • Of the many I have used I like the Superdrug own brand best. They are very sensitive (although as we all know testing early is the work of the devil) and they are easy to read. Not only that but they only cost about a fiver for two! Bargain!

    I would say steer clear of Boots own brand as the little windows are sooooo difficult to see inside. Also I can't be doing with the ones that have a + in the test window (- is negative + is positive) because that means then you have to watch three lines develop, very confusing when you are jittery!

    I've also used Sure Sign which are allright, bit fiddly but manageable as long as you aren't shaking like a leaf!

    I have used many and to be fair can't be bothered with the clear blue digital any more, or expensive ones, cos the Superdrug are so good and so cheap!
  • Superdrug are my hpt of choice x
  • Thanks girls x
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