Christmas DONE :D :D

I've been christmas shopping and in Gordon Ramsey style :lol: :lol: :lol: ...........

Christmas................ DONE.........................

image :lol: image :lol: image :lol:

All i have to do is wrap it all up 2mro and thats it all done and in 13 days it will be all over :lol:

I have even almost finished my christmad food shopping image

How about u ladys R U READY .................................

image :lol: :lol: image

Gems x


  • i am too just back from town with the last couple of things. started wrapping last night so will do the rest between tonight and tomorrow.

    cant wait now. got a lovely day planned with oh and lo tmorrow with no shopping involved and xmas parties next weekend. cant wait now. getting excited now.xx
  • i had mine done 2 weeks ago...I need to get a life. haha

  • i have 90% wropped under my tree and we only had to get 2/3 today so got th wrap them and its count donw till christmas image
  • Oh my god, you are all soo good, hopefully going to try and get it all done tomorrow. Buying the tree too. Just think ladies, that in a few years time we'll have to hide all the pressies before santa delivers them! xxx
  • I already have to hide presents..OH is like a wee boy, so excited hehe
    I have done most of mine, just wrapping to do and get OH to get something for his parents and bro

    put up the tree yesterday and now I am soooooo excited
  • I've got 4 still to get but the rest are wrapped under the tree image Had hubby's present since August and santa was done a few weeks ago.

    Started with the food yesterday - just have the fresh stuff to get now. Good times image
  • oh you're all so organised! i got all my prezzies out this afternoon and i'm not doing as badly as I thought but still have quite a few left to get (mainly the difficult people like dad and FIL!) I haven't even written my cards yet!
    going on a big christmas shop tomorrow and I WILL buy lots of lovely things that everyone will adore!
    we did put our tree and decorations up today though and am now feeling very christmassy sitting in my lovely festive living room!
  • Ooooh Gems, you're so organised you make me feel bad :lol: :lol:

    I have ALMOST finished, I too have awkward people left, like OH's parents. I have got them a joint present but they're really good to us and I want to get them each something special... Just don't know what and OH is no help :lol:

    We're going to do the big food shop tomorrow too, need to buy extra plates as well as we offered to have both families here for Christmas dinner... Only just thought about where I am going to put them all :roll:

    Putting the tree up tomorrow evening and will probably start wrapping then too so getting there slowly but surely image

    This year as flown by, I can't believe its only 13 days image xx

    Edited because my spelling is bloody awful :lol:

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  • that was confusing broodybeth i thought i'd double posted! lol i need to do another search for rude fruit pics - there just aren't enough of them for us all, we need to scour the supermarket shelves!
  • all done here,lennon has a few more bits to get even though it took me 3 hours to wrap last night and most was his hes my spoilt wee boy tho!!!!!!!!

    wee just to get ours now even though i have hubby 1 thing were not getting much
  • :lol: I got confused by yours earlier too :lol: I already didn't get my BFP so let me change mine so yours can still be lucky for you image xx 2mins xx
  • love the new pic hun, very
  • hehe I thought so too :lol: x
  • like this one better
  • oooh i didn't even realise it was supposed to represent anything - i thought they were just appreopriate pics for people doing lots of BDing! lol (and v amusing too!)
  • I'm nearly done but terrified about putting them under the tree!! I'm obsessed with someone looking through my window and breaking in to pinch the pressies, paranoia or what!! I've promised my DS that we can put them under tomorrow!!
  • Dotty I get paprnoid of things like that too. Yesterday when the internet man came as he left he said ooh its quiet around here isn't it? I instantly rang my sister and said I thought he was going to come back and rob us :lol:
  • lol bb. dotty i only put the nice box shaped presents under the
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