yay! wahoo! yipee!

yesterday i did a sd test with fmu and a line appeared but i wasnt sure if it was before or after the 10 min limit. so i did another but it was only just within 10mins, definatly not in the 3mins. so i wasnt sure esp as iv had false + from then but only when left an hour or more. anyway did another this afternoon thinking it wouldnt be bfn as id need fmu this early on (12dpo) but a line was there in the 3mins. im so excited.

for the ladies that have long or irregular cycles dont give up half way through your cycle, i did but as i was using opk's i knew what date to bd (cd37!). we only did it once the day after i got a positive opk, and didnt do it for a week either side as i had tummy problems.

i really hope this one sticks, iv been blessed with 2 already and dont want to take this for granted.

good luck too all you ladies x

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