1st 2ww since mmc

Hi all, have not been here for a long time since mmc in dec.
Any way, waited for an af, and ovulated in tues, so am on first 2ww, feel abit nervous, don't think i am pg, but didn't think i was last time either so fingers crossed.
Good luck all waiting on 2ww!
And congrats to all pg, i remember a few names since i started coming on this site in aug 07!

Love chocolate cake xx


  • hi hun i am so sorry to hear about your loss good to see you on here trying again though.

    i am also on my 2ww about 8dpo though i don't feel preg at all don't even have af cramps?

    look forward to seeing and hearing about your signs

  • Hi CC-you have made me want some now!!lol!!
    Sorry to hear about your mmc. Hope your 2ww is not in vain. Good luck!! Helen.xx
  • hi, thanks for messages, i didn't get any symptoms at all, had af cramps day period was due, but apparently this is totally normal. Even wore a pad to work as i was sure af was going to start! Trying not to think about getting pg, but it is really hard, really scary as well. I am trying to prepare myself for bfp or bfn, and also chance of mc/mmc happening again. Think i will be able to cope better if it does happen again. My bub was due 20th june, so am looking forward to getting past this date, but it is really hard. Lots of baby dust to you all
  • Oh babe it must be very hard but you seem very strong. I really hope you get your BFP soonimage

    You never had any signs at all? I have been getting really down as I have no signs either. On 5dpo I had small pains in my boobs mainly my left but thats it. Then two nights ago had loads of blue veins on my boobs but they are not so blue now. The only other thing I have had is a stuffy/running nose for the last few days?

    The two week wait is just the worse time eh?

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