BFN again!

Day 28 today - and BFN - don't know why I tested - it's just I had a cheap test in the cupboard and thought it would save me a trip to the docs - as I have blood tests today - so thought if BFP if would save me a trip!

Oh well maybe I'm not! I really thought I was because of all my symptoms - but hey guess not!

See what the doc say today!



  • Awww im sorry hun, how long are your cycles? Is it possible that its still too early? xx
  • Shouldn't be too early! I think it's only a day early - I think I ov'd around about day 15 - so about 13 days ago - I have no idea how long my cycle is as it's my first month on clomid.

    Guess I just have to wait and see!

  • keeping my fingers crossed for you, its still possible! Good luck with doc apt. xxx
  • Its not over til af arrives. Sending you some pma and good luck at the drs!xx
  • Good luck at the docs Mummywannabe, it would be great to hear another clomid sucess story. Hopefully the BFN was just to early.
  • good luck at the drs and lets hope your cycle is a slightly longer one and that bfp is just hiding.
    Filo x
  • Good luck, hope its good news for you x
  • Thanks ladies!

  • Stupid, stinky cheap tests!!! I refuse to believe it missy, keep your pma up and see what the next few days bring image
  • Sorry hun - PMA gone!!! No more cramping yesterday or today - and boobs have gone not so sore! Still having ewcm - as have had for nearly two weeks - but guess I just have to wait and see!! af should be due any time between now and day 42 - if not here by day 42 I'm supposed to call my doc.

    FR test has arrived - but don't think it's worth testing now - might test friday morning as going out and getting p!ssed!!!!

    And just ate a box of choccy fingers - there feel better!!!

  • Choccy fingers????? lmao! Very nice too image xxxxxx
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