Ovulation & AF cycle question.

Hey ladies, This is my first month TTC & I just wondered if anyone could help. My cycles havent been great since August 2008 and Im trying to work out when Im due to OV . My cycles Ive tracked so far:

30th October
2nd November
1st of December
5th of January

Not sure how to work it out? It asked me on an OV calendar to enter my cycle length but as you can see its abit messed up. Not sure what to put :\?
Thanks to anyone who can shed to light!


  • I'm really not 100% sure myself but I would take an average of the 4 months you have already tracked & then use that number.

    I use a cycle length of 29 as I had 3 29's in a row but then I have one that was 32...very confusing. I still used 29 as a base, my OPK kit tells me to check from day 11/12 then I should OV 12/24 hrs after that.

    I am just starting to track my LH surge & my temperature to try & help as I find it all a little confusing! image

    Sorry if this hasnt helped at all!

    x x x
  • no no its fine, appreciate you taking the time to answer :\)

    i havent really thought of using the ov sticks or anything...my plan just now is to bd alot :lol: but it would be nice to roughly know when im ovulating. i have an iphone app that says my monthly average is 32 so i might go with that but then i do like tickers etc to accurate :lol: oh well! xx
  • Yeah I know what you mean about the ticker thing...I like them too image

    I said to myself that I was going to be really cool about it & not worry about it too much, but you soon get sucked in! image

    Wish you lots of luck x x x
  • haha yes, a scary amount of my days are becomming preoccupied with thinking about babies and getting pregnant! image :lol:
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