Counting your cycle days?


I'm sure this has already been asked before, but I can't seem to find the thread again. But when do you class your CD1? Is it when you have a proper bleed or at the first sign of your period? I thought I had started on saturday as had a little bit of brown stuff but only in the morning. I had nothing for the rest of the day, today I haven't had anything although have just started to get a bit of blood when wiping myself, so thinking tomorrow she will be with me with avengence! Do I count Saturday as my CD1 or tomorrow as my CD1?



  • usually cd1 is first day of af but if it was me id prob count either today or tomorrow as 1 if there was blood when wiping. x
    although counting days hasnt really helped me as now on cd20 an still no sign of ov?? xx
  • Thanks Nic. It's so confusing isn't it!!
  • Wow a period app that is ...really need to upgrade my phone to one where you can get these apps image) xx
  • you have a way with words K-A ... ''when the blood hits'' lololol xxxxx
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