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Off to doctors

Hi girls,
Sorry not been on as much as i broke my laptop and struggle to use the one in the office as its my dads and have to keep deleting history etc! It should be back on Thur so i'll be back in full swing. Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday.
Anyway back to the point.....
I've made an appointment to go and see my doctor again on Thursday afternoon. Its been 9 months now and only one af in that time. I'm on cd37 now and still no af after the one i had in March. My doc said to go back in May if i didn't have one, well its May and i'm fed up of not knowing where i am.
I've not had a +ov test and cm is all over the place. Since having my af on 31st March i've had LOTS AND LOTS of cm so thought i might be pg but no +hpt so i don't know whats going on.
I'll keep you posted.


  • ooh good for you honey... let us know how you are getting on and hopefully the Dr will be able to do something to help you.

  • Thanks guys, SB my tractors don't go that fast i'd still be going now and finding that sunset!!
  • yeah good luck,

    hope all goes well and you get some answers!!
    i'm on cd37 as well and no af, no BFP but lots of cm, so i will be interested to hear what the doc says!!!!
  • Its great fun driving it up a main road on Bankholiday weekend holding all the caravans up!!!!lol (sorry if anyone has a caravan)!!!
  • Hope all goes well for you SLOW and you get some answers.
    Take care
  • Let us know how it goes SLOW - thinking of you xxxx

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