Honest answers please :) ... Do you....

.... Worry about putting on weight when you get your bfp?!!

I know babys health is more important then weight gain etc etc


My nam is sam and I'm a weightaholic!!!

I am weight obsessed, I don't have an "eating disorder" I'm a very healthy size 8, with a healthy bmi. I'm always yo yo dieting and then eat crap food. Though 80% of the time i do eat healthly. I know I'm not fat but I'm very critical of my own body. I'm petrified of gaining weight and think i may find it hard getting use to my body changing when I finlly get my bfp. I wouldn't diet when pregnant and will eat healthy as I'm not that selfish. But the thought of stretch marks frighten the hell out of me! I spend alot of time ( when I'm not on this forum!) on diet forums and love reading magazines about celebs gaining weight or losing it and what crazy diets they are on. At night I lay there either obsessing about my body or about babies

Am I the only one????!!!


  • no it sound like my life, lol i was a size 10 - 12 before i had my first baby, and loved my body, but now i am a size 12 - 14 and hate it but my little one is worth all the weight, but it does get me down and it is my own falt when i was pregnant i used to sit there eating and eating and eating, lots and lots sweets, i have tried so hard to lose it but i can not shift it, i am ttc No 2 now and from what i know now i will eat heathy this time round. but i am always trying all the stuff on the internet to lose weight and always on the baby websites lol

  • Hi BP, I love your honesty! I too am a healthy size 8. I was this size before I had my l/o and came out of hospital in my size 8's. TBH tho, I'm not a dieter, just very lucky. I was a little concerned about starting to look like a plumber's van during pregnancy. Of course I did put on some weight, but I was just so chuffed with my bump, I didn't care one bit. The worst bit was the cankles. This was water, so as soon as baby was here, they went back to normal.

    Don't want to sound like the mummy mafia, but breastfeeding reallly is the finest thing for losing/keeping the weight off. I was on two packets of ginger nuts a day. And I really did need them!

    As for stretch marks......BIO OIL!!!!! I haven't got one single stretch mark. They should give me shares though, the amount of times I've recommended it and the gallons that I bought.
  • I have to be honest. This is what terrifies most. Was
    bulimic for a looooooong time and am
    now a 14/16 and I'm petrified of gaining weight and being fat. I'm trying to look at bumps and now don't see it as fat bit the after the baby is born time is what worries me most. I know I sound a bit extreme but unfortunately my brain is just like that lol.

    Sorry a bit long lol
  • Hi,

    I know exactly where you are coming from with your fears. I hav had eating disorders on and off for 14 years now, so putting on weight when i fell pregnant with my first terrified me, but in all honesty, once I was pg I couldn't have cared less!!! My body and baby craved foods I needed to I ate them, I put on a lot of weight, all towards the back end as I lost it for the first five months due to excessive morning sickness (i forget the official name for it). I got LOADS of stretch marks, due to how quickly i gained the weight at the back end, but, honestly, it's all worth every little bit of weight gain and every single stretch mark.

    My youngest is now five and the stretch marks are barely visible anymore (bio oil does work) and with the help of breastfeeding and a healthy diet I soon lost the baby weight.

    Still not totally happy with my body, but don't think I ever will be, but now planning bubs number 3 and can't wait.
  • Thank you for all your wonderfully honest answers! I will have to stock up on bio oil! I suppose the thing is to remeber that I'm not eating "for two" as such as you only need a extra couple of calories in the last trimester. I suppose it's so easy to just eat everything in sight and use the baby as an excuse. Xx
  • yes it did worry me at first but as my pregnancy has progressed it's worried me less as i get so much emotional strength just knowing my baby is growing because of me. i'm not eating for 2 and i'm eating healthily. i'm 28 weeks now and i have put on 10lb which i'm happy about. my baby is growing fine; i'm average size for my dates and i am well i myself. best of luck everyone x
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