hey just did a test with first response,,, and,,,

a VERY VERY faint 2nd line!!!

omg, i thought i was, is it right?? can it be false??

going to take another today and then in the morning to see what they say

the line has just faded now, took it about 30 mins or so ago,..

only 11 dpo,,



  • I think if theres a line then it must be true! Well done, congratulations hun. xx
  • A line is a line!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx
  • Congratulations, hope its stronger tomorrow!!!!
  • lol, but it's gone now?? maybe its like REALLLLLY early lol.

    wow, i can't believe it! i feel so sick lol (in a good way!)

    but it was so so very faint, but other half saw it too, and he's convinced

  • has it completely gone hun or can u see a slightly?!
    A lines, a line but try and wait a few days then test hormone double every few days i think so should keep getting stronger!
  • hey, nope it seems to have gone,

    i put it in my (sorry TMI) urine stream after about 1-2 secs, should i of waited til like mid stream??? it was first wee this morning lol

    wow, i can't believe this xxxx
  • i alway pee in a cup to do it so i don't know...

    i hope i'm wrong but it shouldn't have disappeared completely.....sorry hate raining on peoples parades!

    Do the other test an see if it goes again, could be like you said to early.
    Fingers crossed 4 u.xxxxx
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