Is this normal?

Morning girls,

I have had sore nips and sore boobs for about a week now i am due on tomorrow. I woke up this morning and my boobs and nips do not really feel that sore anymore?? I still have a more cm which is creamy and CP is still high?

I just thought my boobs would carry on hurting up to when i was due on, I guess thats not the case?

K xx

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  • Hi K. As you know af showed for me fully yesterday. My boobs stopped being sore, now just uncomfortable a bit, on Wednesday. Could be a sign she's found you, sorry hun! xx
  • oh hun sadly there is no mormal its different for every1, the fact that you still have cm is usually a good sign as most people go dry b4 af shows- but agin not in all cases!

    As for the cervix that is really unreliable as it can change in a matter of hrs.

    Sorry i'm not being much help am i???
    like ur ticker says a home test may work today so u could test and see things might have changed from yesterday.

    Good luck xxx
  • I agree with lilac, we're all so different, its hard to say what is 'normal' - whats normal for me, is probably not normal for you.

    I think the increased CM is a good sign, I had this before my BFP, but literally only the day before and day that I got my BFP. I also agree cervix position isn't too reliable. Mine didn't go high and close up until just before I had my miscarriage.

    Am so hoping you get a BFP hon, don't lose heart. xxx
  • Thanks girls yeah i know about the cp think your right that could change at any time. It feels soft as though but I am goin gto stop checking that.

    Yeah I mean my left boob at the side is still sore but not as much you know they just feel really heavy and full still.

    I think you are right mithical I think she has found me as well, now i will just wait for her to hit me tomorrow image

    K xx

  • The bright side for me is you come into July! Sorry, lol!

    The plan is bd from af, to after ov. I tried every other day from during week of ov. I tried every day during week of ov. Now I'm trying more bd, and pre-seed! lol Feel like I'm doing something to help! xx
  • Thanks girls, I said to OH this morning when I got the BFN yesterday I actually felt fine about it, i was ok and this is only my second month so I have plenty of time but then when I started to get more CM I started to get excited again and thinking maybe it was just too early and so now I am feeling werid about it again?

    I will test tomorrow morning and if that is BFN I will wait to see when AF will turn up.

    Mithichal it's me and you girl lol july WILL be our month!!!!! i useed pre seed this month and got all excited as most things i read and most people I spoke to said that they feel the first try but hey ho.

    Also a friend of mine had her baby this morning I have just had some pictures sent through she is stunning image

    K xx

  • Oh bless, love newborns!

    I have read on that bloody site you encouraged me to look at (which now the name has gone out of my head!) lol, that some got pg with second month of using pre-seed. Didn't see any third or fourth months, that I remember....fingers crossed again! xx
  • LOL sorry that is such a funny web site the girls are sooo like me checking cm every min LOL

    K xx

  • Hi K-Lou,

    I think it can really vary from month to month for everyone. I've been trying almost a year now - I never used to get sore boobs but i have more and more recently and now they're always sore four about a week b4 af and can be off and on and then they stop on the first day of AF. But when I was pregnant they weren't sore! Sometimes they even get sore during ov. Sorry that doesn't really help but I think they'r e a bit of an unreliable indicator TBH. On the test front one of my close friends didn't get a BFP with her youngest until 2 weeks after her period was due and he's fine and healthy i think it really varies and even if they're 99% in a lab that only means they pick up normal hormone levels - but noone is normal.

    Hope that helps and if it's any consolation we know how you feel!!

    Rach x
  • Thank you Rach image i am taking the fact I have an increase of cm as a good sign as I have been dry for the last 5 days. I am just hoping now it was taken too early and could not pick up anything?

    I will test again tomorrow and if it's a BFN then I will wait to see when AF turns up.

    In a way i am praying i am preg so i want my AF to be late but in another way i worry i am not and do not want AF to be late as it will mean I have had a nother 28 day cyc

    K xx
  • I know exactly what you mean. I came off the pill last July. My first cycle was bang on 28 days and I was well chuffed! But ever since they've been everything from 29-36 days, but I've just decided it's normal to have a few days variation! For the first few months I tried to look on it as a positive thing when they arrived on time as it shows your system is normal and there is nothing worse than a late one for no reason as it's so stressful!!

    When I was on holiday I ended up in A and E (long story and not related) I was chatting to doc about the whole TTC thing as he had to do a preg test before giving me drugs. He said that you shouldn't even think about fertility until you've been trying for 12 months - which made me feel a little better. It is so normal for it to take a year - so it's hard to imagine now - but try and relax it will happen and I guess a few months isn't a lot time to make a whole new person - that's what i tell myself anyway!!

    Rach x
  • You are so right, that is just what my nurse said to me yesterday. I felt really ok about the BFN but now I feel all funny again but I want to know you know and I have got my hopes up a litlle bit.

    I really want to just try and relax next month though it is so hard. The weekend i should be due to OV I will be away on a hen weekend in Barelona so i am hoping that will A take my mind off it and B help me to relax image

    k XX
  • I think holidays are such a good idea - so many people have suceeded whilst on hol as you relax - but it should hopefully last a few days when you're back too!!

    We tried to chill at first and were quite good at relaxing, I started to panic at about six months, so started using OPKs because i was convinced I might not be ovulating - they have actually made me relax more as now I know when I ovulate so I know when to concentrate out effortsimage and also I know my LP is around 18 days so I know when to expect AF. I used to get so stressed/ excited when I thought it was late and I was probably just ovulating a different time! But some people find them a bit of a stress!.

    I'm keeping everything crossed for you - but don't worry and try to enjoy it. I was so stressed at three months as I was convinced something was wrong with me as I hadn't fallen straight away!! Isn't if funny when you spend years and years trying not to get pg and then when you want to... I don't know how these unplanned pregnancies happen - I think all teenagers must be at it constantly whilst not using any protection!!

    Rach x
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