Blood tests back

Morning ladies just phoned the doctors and the test for my sugars were slightly high so I have to go back for a fasting blood test but when I went for the blood test it was in the morning so I didn't eat any thing from 12the night befor and then I had no breakfast befor I went so is it going to say the same so confussed.x


  • Hmmm, thats strange. Maybe it was just a...not sure what the word is.... that your sugars aren't truely high they were just a bit wacky when you had them done. I'm sure they will be fine; how long do you have to fast for?

    Try not to worry about it though (easy for me to say, I know). Hope all the other bits came back ok. x
  • Hia just got to fast from 12 midnight till the blood test wich is at 9 in the morning when I asked about the hormone one she said there wasn't any coments on it.x
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