is Not happy and cried my eyes out x

well af came last night and i feel so unhappy
cried my eyes out and hubby gave me a big hug and said it will happen when it does but i just feel so bad that it still hasnt happened xxx


  • awwww so sorry demelza, we are all here for u every step of the way, hoefully ur bfp is just round the corner, and u dont have to wait much longer for it! xxx
  • Aw sorry to hear that Demelza image although it sounds like you have one fabulous supportive lovely man by your side xx
  • oh hun im sorry the witch got you xx
  • Big hugs image This month is over for me - just waiting for witch to arrive. Maybe next month we'll get our BFP! Keep your chin up x
  • Witch got me this morning also hun....had a good cry myself....its so sad isnt it....lets hope we get our BFP next month {{{{HUGS}}}}}
  • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  • Keep positive hun, your BFP is waiting for the right angel to come along!! Just remember all the fun you have trying and it will happen! Big hugs and babydust for next month! x
  • So sorry Demelza, sending you big hugs. Your perfect BFP is just round the corner waiting for you. xx
  • So sorry Demelza, sending you big hugs. Your perfect BFP is just round the corner waiting for you. xx
  • Sorry she got you- I know how disapointed you must be. fingers x'd next month is your month xo
  • Demelza, sorry AF arrived. She arrived for me a few days ago so it's onto month 10 for us. I always feel pretty poo for a couple of days but PMA does come back. It's good for you to have a good cry sometimes and to get it all out. Sending you hugs.

    Need some myself today. Feeling really alone on this ttc journey. DH tries but doesn't really understand how I feel.
  • Sorry she got you. I always have a bit of a breakdown when she arrives too. Fingers crossed for this month x
  • Only just seen this, Really sorry af turned up. hope yr feeling a bit better this Our time will come.xx
  • Sorry hun, It's just horrible isn't it. Sending you lots of hugs & postive thoughts for the month coming x
  • Sorry you feel like this hun, Sending you lokts of hugs nd PMA for the coming month! Lets hope its good one!
  • Massive HUGs sweetie ((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))
  • aww im sorry sweetie love, hugs and baby dust coming your way x
  • Sorry Demelza - It'll happen for you soon. I know nothing really makes you feel better but it's always good to vent and a good cry generally helps.
    Lucky you to have such a sweet oh, try and enjoy the bding xx
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