Mithical - how are you feeling?

How are you feeling today hun - any better??


  • I'm really sorry I missed this thread immense!!! I just did not see it at all! lol

    Obviously a bit passed now....on CD 9, so waiting for ov, no aches or pains at the moment. Apart from a strange on at my waist, just on the side into my back!

    How's you? Still holding out? xx
  • That's ok - I guess you had!!

    Could you have pulled a muscle maybe? I get that sort of area pain when I hurt my back!!

    I am still hiding and feeling odd! Still no BFP tho! Booked a docs appt for 16th so I can chat and see if any other way they will check if nothing by then! If get AF then will cancel!! Figured out IF I am PG then would be 8wks by then!

    My stomach is sooo bloated and uncomfortable at the moment. Went out with my mate last night and she asked if I was PG as apparantly the shape of my stomach looks like it!! It was really bizarre and freaky! I will agree with her it looks different though as the usually when I put on weight or have IBS bloating it swells in a different place! Who knows tho xx
  • The ache comes and goes, so not a muscle. It doesn't last long, but quite painful at the time!

    It's a shame your body is holding out on you, either way! Hopefully it'll behave soon and you'll have your answer! How frustrating though!! xx
  • Sorry it hurts xx I hope it stops soon xx

    It sooo is frustrating!! I feel really odd at the mo!! I just want a result one way or the other!!
  • It might be passing, as haven't had it today.

    Good luck with your test tomorrow, I'm at work so won't find out the outcome until the afternoon! image xx
  • Fingers crossed it has stopped xx

    I prob won't post til afternoon anyway as really tired so planning on having a long lay-in!! I will speak to you then!
  • It was a BFN image I am getting sooo annoyed now - losing my PMA I think - don't think it is a good mth xx Still no AF tho so I guess there is a glimmer of hope! Still gonna go to the docs if nothing!
  • Of sorry to hear that hun. Hold on to that PMA as much as you can. I can imagine how hard it is not knowing if this is a even longer cycle. You could consider angus castus or something in the future. Good luck, fingers are still crossed. xx
  • thank you - if AF arrives I am considering AC and EPO for next mth to give myself max chances!!
  • lol, that's the spirit! xx
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