CD81 - update: went to Docs

Hi girls

just a quick update since yesterday. I had my doctors appointment today as it is now 81 days since my last AF (cycle 2 since coming off the pill in Jan). Well they basically said it's to be expected - which is what I expected!!! :roll:

My doctor was quite nice about it and said to come back in about 4-5 months if my AFs still haven't sorted themselves out. He said that it does differ from person to person but it can generally take about 6-12 months for your AF to get back to normal after the pill and said the longer you're on it, the worse the problem can be. He said every 4-5 years you should have a break from the pill of 6 months to 1 year. I got a bit annoyed then and said that nobody had ever advised me to take a break from the pill in 8 years! He then backtracked and said it probably wouldn't have made it any easier but might have just given me an indication of how long it would take to get my AF back to normal so I could have prepared more.

Weirdly, even though they didn't do anything, i came out feeling a bit more positive - i suppose because at least the doctor confirmed it's totally normal, went through my medical history and asked about my family medical history (in relation to PCOS, fertility, irregular AF etc) and said there's nothing to worry about - so i won't worry!! ;\)

I then went on for my 5th session of acupuncture. Again i felt positive because i thought, well at least i'm doing something proactive to sort the problem out myself.

So I'll just keep going and hope that my cycles sort themselves out at some point, have lots of BD and pray that if i do one day ovulate, then i might even catch it!

Thanks to all you ladies for listening to my woes!!!! xxxx image


  • Didn't want to r+r. Glad you're feeling positive - sometimes all you need is the knowledge that someone is listening!
    Good luck and lots of babydust x
  • Have you tried agnus cactus?

    Just wondered as i had cycles of length 34 after coming off pill of 9 year (stopped pill in dec) on it but one month I had a 50 day cycle, took ac next month and it came straight back to 34, I have my bfp now.

    Emma 5+2
  • Aww, sorry they weren't more helpful, but very glad you are feeling more positive. Who knows, maybe this surge of PMA will kick your cycles into synch! Ive never head of the 'break from pill' thing either, 6-12mths seems like an awfully long time for it to leave your system! (How come some get pg after missing just one then??!! Or taking antibiotics? Weird!) Anyway, Good luck hun, hopefully you wont be needing to go back in 4mths! xx
  • Oh well that is helpful image And nope, I was on the pill for 10 years and nobody ever suggested I take a break. In fact, when I suggested it as I was single, they told me not to bother!

    Let's keep going babe - we can do it! xx
  • Hey Moomin,
    Sorry to hear you're still in limbo land. Me too! Had very very light af in May - but not sure if real af or not, more like spotting. Then last week, thought I had some ewcm (sorry if tmi) for the first time ever (well since on the pill anyway) so I am just praying things are moving in the right direction. Am going to go back to the doctor's soon if no af as she said they could give me something to help after six months (and the six months is almost up). Just out of interest, did you see a man doctor or a lady? I wonder if women are more understanding of this problem? Glad to hear you're feeling positive and doing your acupuncture and everything. Hope we both get our bodies sorted out soon!
    M xx
  • Hi ladies

    thanks for the replies. Weird isn't it, how everyone's doctor seems to say something different - take a break every year; every 4 years; not at all...! No wonder we're in the mess we're in. Babybump, the doctor did say that for some people, one missed pill can be all it takes, but 6-12 months is still considered 'normal' so not to worry about it.

    Anyway, Emma, yes I have tried Agnus Castus but it didn't seem to do anything. I'm now taking some other herbal tablets and tea given to me by the acupuncture doctor. Also just to let you know, the Acupuncturist advocates PMA!! He said last night, "when you go to sleep think 'baby baby baby baby'"!!! I told him we call that PMA!

    Manicmiz - i've been wondering how you are getting on - haven't seen you around the forum in ages! Sorry that your cycles are still not 100% but does sound more promising. I've had 1 bout of ewcm this cycle (about 3 or 4 weeks ago now) and had 2 bouts in the first cycle - I didn't ovulate, but i wonder if it meant my body was trying to but just didn't build up enough hormones. I saw a male doctor btw - I wondered the same thing about whether a lady would be more understanding, but there aren't any female doctors at my surgery. Let us know if you go back to the doctors and what they say / do.
  • Hey Moomin - you're an example to us all with your PMA!

    Have just come from having blood tests due to AF's complete avoidance of visiting since stopping the Pill. The nurse jabbed three times before she hit the vein so I'm feeling sorry for myself.

    I will def try the "baby, baby, baby" chant before sleeping. And thanks for the herbal supplement tips. I'm going to start going to Pilates next week. Get myself nice and relaxed, and ready to ov. x
  • PS On ladies v men: I saw a male doctor - very good apart from blaming my weight, but has sent me for tests after only 3 months stopping taking the pill.

    Like you Moomin - someone listening, taking it seriously and suggesting the next step (ie when to come back), looking at family history, felt really good and has helped enormously even though I don't have the answers yet. x
  • OUCH Flush - I've had that before when they can't feel the vein - once for a blood test & the needle came out like a lightening bolt! My veins must have been like steel rods! The second was donating blood and they missed the vein, it really really hurt! then they had a go on the other arm - I felt like telling them to stuff it and going home, but couldn't really do that could i?! Anyway you poor thing, I know how you're feeling and its not nice.

    I didn't have PMA at first in the doctors I can tell you! I felt a big lump come to my throat and thought I was going to burst into tears (and the same later when I was telling my husband how it went). But i went and sat in the car afterwards for about 5 minutes and gave myself a talking to and forced myself to think positively. It seems to have worked!

    Flush, how long have you been off the pill did you say - is it since March? You must be on about the same cycle day as me then as my last AF was in March.
  • Ouch indeed. Have put on a cardigan to distract me from looking at the mess and also to match my shoes so I feel more chic, which always helps!

    I stopped right at the end of March and had withdrawal bleed in April. And like you now, nothing. Its a fair old cycle we're having, isn't it?

    And maybe your teariness was pms? Stranger things have happened....
  • would be good - whoever thought I'd be hoping for PMS?! ha ha!!

    it certainly is a fair old cycle - i dread to think how heavy it will be when it does finally show up

    love the fact you've put on a cardigan to match your shoes to make yourself feel betterimage
  • I honestly don't think it should mean its a heavy bleed when it arrives. If you think that your uterus lining thickens just before ovulation so its all nice and plump for a potential embryo, I reckon no ovulation equals no lining build up.

    Or am I just being optimistic?

    Have gone one better than shoes and cardigan: have added jaunty beads and a small bracelet for extra sparkle. I reckon looking as feminine as possible in some way will convince my body to do the girly thing i.e. ovulate!
  • Well done Moomin for the PMA! I saw a doc as I am in the same position as you - no AF after coming off the pill on 26th March. I saw a female doctor and she was so unhelpful I had absolutely no PMA left after seeing her! She said the same thing as your doc - that she wouldn't do anything until no AF for six months, didn't check any family history and didn't seem at all concerned about all the other symptoms I was experiencing which to me suggest a hormonal imbalance of some kind so that throws cold water on the women doctors are more sympathetic argument!

    I also had EWCM on 2nd June so assumed that meant I was ovulating again? Is that not necessarily right? Fed up with this waiting game and I feel like crap today. I am going to try the 'baby, baby, baby' mantra tonight and am starting reflexology next week so I'm praying for some improvement! I also asked my doctor about 5 years ago if I should come off the pill for a while as I had been on it for 7 years then and he said 'it was safer for women of child-bearing age to be on the pill than not as it reduces your risk of cervical & breast cancer'. He never suggested coming off it!

    Good luck and let me know if there's light at the end of this tunnel!! xx
  • God, it's disgusting really what doctors tell us isn't it?! I'm never going to let another pill pass my lips again... well definitely not until i'm sure i'm finished with ttc forever! It really pi55es me off actually that we all get told different things, I don't think they know what they're talking about! Sorry, back to my calm PMA... la la la....

    EWCM is definitely a good sign of ovulation, but from what i understand, it is an indication that your body is leading up to ovulation, but you don't know for sure if you actually did ovulate or not. I have been charting my bbt, so although I've had 3 bouts of ewcm since coming off the pill, none of them were followed by a thermal rise and never by an AF 2 weeks later so I'm pretty certain it didn't mean ovulation for me. If you had ewcm on 2nd June, and did ovulate, you could expect your AF some time around 16-20 June I reckon. Wait and see if you get it - if so it looks promising!

    Good point Flush about no ovulation should mean no heavy AF. My last one was after 51 days and it was normal heaviness - heavy for the first couple days then medium then light - lasted about 6 days in total I think and i didn't ovulate then, so doesn't seem to affect it too much.

    Nice work on the bracelet btw - i've just touched up my lippy to make myself more feminine - tomorrow I'm going to wear a skirt! and maybe even heels - ha that'll show those ovaries that I am a WOMAN!!!

    Oh dear, I seem to have lost the plot a bit this afternoon! sorry...
  • Thanks Moomin! You brought a real smile to my face! I will try the skirt and lippy tomorrow and show those ovaries who's boss!!

    S xx
  • Right, I'm going to buy a thermometer tomorrow and start testing my temperature.

    And Moomin, as you say BLOOMIN DOCTORS (although so far my new one has been good, no-one ever mentioned the break from the pill thing to me)

  • Moomin would be interested to know more about your accupunture and where you get it from as I came off pill back in November and still not regulated AF yet
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