I cracked and ...

tested BFP OMG im in shock first month ttc so was really pessimistic but that second line is definatly there still staring at the test trying to believe it!!!!! does that mean im definatly pregnant??????
just rung OH whos at work to tell him and got an oh are you, alright then did not sound happy or excited is this normal??? imageimageimageimage


  • Congrats babe!
    The test is normal and yes I do believe you are preggers but if you are asking if your oh is normal - sorry, there is no such thing as a normal man lol!!!

    Love Lee
  • i just thought he'd be excited too but he gets more excited when i tell him ive made spag bol for dinner!!!!!!!!
  • Congrats hun!! Look forward to talking to you on oct forum xxx
  • The old saying is true hun - the way to a mans heart etc.

    Am sure when he sees the test for himself you will get a better reaction but I still believe no man is normal!!!!
  • i agree no man is normal how do you work out when u are due is it 40 weeks from FDLP or ov?
  • You count 2 weeks back from ov to find out how many weeks pg you are xx
  • Congratulations - Well done, 1st month and all...
  • Congratulations - great news! Don't worry about oh, once it sinks in I bet he'll be as excited as you! x x Hope I'm as lucky (first month for me too) x
  • congratulations!!! hope everything goes well xx
  • thanks for all ur replys girls i hope u all get ur positives soon lots of baby dust to you xxx
  • congrates u lucky thing image wish it was me
  • congratulations.
    You can work out your due date using the calculator in pregnancy section at top of home page of this site.
    Filo x
  • i hope he got more excited when it sinks in im still looking at the test in disbelief even though i was pretty sure i was pregnant when are you due claire?
  • Congratulations hun - your hubby sounds like mine. I know when i get my positive he will be like oh great - whats for tea?? - simple creatures men! xxx
  • OMG congratulations i'm so happy for you! i actually get to meet this little BFP in 9 months yay!!!!
    Have a fantastic 9 months! U know that means ur stuck in the family now 4ever!!!!!!!!!


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  • congrats hun have a healthy 9 mths well done xxxxxxxxxxx
  • congrats and wishing you all the best for the next 9 months.

  • Congrats!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Congratulations image
  • Congratulations you lucky thing!!! 1st month too...what's your secret???!!!!
    Have a happy and healthy 9 months and as for your oh...as they say...men are from mars! x
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