Baby saving

Hi All, going to ttc at end of year, my OH biggest concern is money (although we both earn a good wage) so to appease him I suggested starting a baby fund, just to make up for the lask of income during mat leave, did anyone else do this in prep for ttc? or am I too exited already and will try anything to make it come sooner........


  • hello and welcome. that is a really good idea to set up a baby fund. i am putting by savings each month as well although i don't want to tempt fate by calling it a baby fund (that's just me though!).
    there's no such thing as being too excited in this forum!! hehe xxx
  • Wellllll it is baby fund in my head to him it is - saving for the future, haha there is me thinking cots and prams and he is prob thinking new boiler lol
  • hehe men eh! xxx
    (and you are not alone, i'm always thinking prams - i already know which one i want!)
  • hehe men eh! xxx
    (and you are not alone, i'm always thinking prams - i already know which one i want!)
    i cant help but go and look(when i go in to places to look at things to buy my baby cousin of course..:roll:;\)
  • Hello! We have a baby fund but it has about ??200.00 in it at the moment ... humm that is going to go a long way! It has sort of become an all weather emergency fund ha! Problem is more emergencies than funds. You will never be financially ready I recon x
  • I know what you mean, my fund has turned into a holiday fund, car needs fixing fund, cat needs to visit the vet fund...the list goes on
  • We worked out how much we would get in family allowance, tax credits and what I would earn doing 2 days a week on my current salary and so thats what we now live on. The rest of my salary each month is saved (around 65% of it).

    This means that whilst we learn to live on less money we also save towards the future (well for baby stuff - but im too like mrs e and dont call it a baby fund just incase!).

    We did the same thing before we bought our house. Its a theory im trying to get across to my friend that if she cant afford to live at home paying ??200 a month rent how is she going to afford a mortgage. I think its important to learn to live how you will have to live before taking the big plunge (ie make a baby!).
  • we are lucky in the fact we already have 1 child so we have decided that we save our tax credit money and child allowence now until we have a baby to use whilst on mat leave. i have just applied for a new job (see other post,lol) and that will mean i can save the money i use at the moment for petrol as new job is closer to home (by about 15 miles each way) i also believe that no-one will ever have enough money to "afford" a baby so we all have to make the most of what we do have x
  • That's a good idea Winnie! I start a job tomorrow and hubby is waiting to hear on a second interview for one. Maybe once we're both working we'll do the same image
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